July 20, 2012

40 years of living hell

After 40 years of living hell with numerous mysterious health issues, a ton of mental anguish, and 100 doctors later, I was still losing ground and had no better understanding of all my pain and suffering. Just when I thought all hope had been lost, I hit the mother of all jackpots!!! Four years ago I began to realize that Food intolerance's were the major factor behind all my ill side effects. These intolerances were robbing me of a healthy mind and body, while causing embarrassing and humiliating symptoms. Who would believe that foods like apples and bananas could cause someone to have such very severe side effects? Well, many people don’t know that these foods contain natural plant and vegetable toxins to protect themselves in nature. These natural toxins present a problem for people who have enzyme deficiency, and thus have trouble processing these foods. For people with this condition eating a banana that may be too green, or too ripe, can create tremendously negative symptoms. Fruits at these stages possess higher levels of these toxins, and people with sensitivity to these toxins just can’t process them. Apples present a similar problem. The skin of an apple is loaded with a particular group of toxins called phenols. Peeling the apple and removing the toxin will work, however just below the skin the first few millimeters of the meat of the apple still contain these toxins because they leach into the fruit. Peeling a little bit deeper into the apple is a good idea if you are trying to avoid the toxins that can be associated with such problems as hyperactivity, depression, mood swings, I.B.S. and so many more. Another culprit found in foods are toxins known as  salicylates, People who have high levels of these toxins will feel ill after eating foods like various berry’s, apricots and all dried fruits . Salicylates are super high in aspirin, so if you can’t tolerate aspirin, that could be a red flag for the salicylate sensitivity. Still another group of toxins are the Amines, these are often associated with violence in people who have this particular sensitivity. Common foods containing Amines are; dark chocolate, marmite, cocoa, orange juice, tomato juice, flavored drinks, and many cheeses such as Brie, Cheddar Parmesan, Provolone and Mozzarella. Also, alcohols like port wines, Chianti, red and white wines, soy sauce, vinegar, meat extracts, and Worchester sauce. Last but not least, you have your food additives and colorings. I want to starts with food colorings. These colorings that make food so attractive to all of us, but especially children are,102 tartrazine 104 guinoline yellow, sunset yellow,129 allura red,133 brilliant blue, and of course many more. Let’s look at the preservatives now 200-203 sorbic acid, potassium and calcium benzoates, 220 -228 sulphur dioxide, all sulphites, bisulpites and metabisulphites. While we’re at it, let’s not leave out the flavor enhancers; 620-625 Glutamic acid.  all glutamates, and the infamous MSG (monosodium glutamate). Unfortunately there are more flavors, for which there are no numbers because they are “trade secrets”. Yes there are a lot of nasty additives that go into our food. You may expect to find additives like these in substances like cigarettes, but not in the foods that we need to live and be healthy!!!

So how do we cope with this complex situation? Well turning to your doctor is always would seem to be the obvious choice, but what happens when the doctor doesn't have a clue about these things? Medical schools don't teach about these things, so there’s a good chance your doctor has very little knowledge in this area, if any at all. Even finding an allergist who knows about these things would be like hitting the lotto. Unfortunately, if there's not a test for it the allergist usually can’t come to a clear diagnosis, or even begin to identify what's going on. So where does one turn for help on this subject, to begin to diagnose or identify these culprits and learn what they are so you can avoid them?

I called 100 allergist and not one was able to help or even advise me on what to do next, very frustrating to say the least. Well, my only option was to educate myself on this subject. Now, 20 years later I finally get it, and everyday I’m still learning more.

If you or somebody you know has suspected food sensitivities or allergies and the allergist was not able to shed any light on your situation, then you may want to turn to food specialists. Dieticians can be helpful but somewhat costly.  However, nutritionists like myself, who study food, and their good and bad effects on your body, are a great alternative. I recommend speaking with a nutritionist, and specifically, finding one who is familiar with food sensitivities and food allergies. Visiting a nutritionist is a bargain compared to these other doctors. Then again, what wouldn’t you pay to start getting to the bottom of these problems? Identifying the culprits and starting to eliminate and replace the foods that are causing the ill effects, could be a completely life changing event, and put an end to the suffering. While the brain-fogs, irritability and bloating begin to disappear, and your overall wellbeing begins to improve, one can see their life change completely, from merely surviving, to thriving!!!

This is not something I just read in a book and am passing along, I am living proof!

I used to think that I was the only one who felt like this, but I have researched this for decades, and I'm not alone, by far. Millions of people suffer from food intolerances and allergies, and most of them don’t have a clue because the visits to their doctors were fruitless. Once again, doctors lack education on the subject and are unable to read the signs that are so obvious to someone like me.

So what can you do? My first advice would be don’t take my word for it, go learn all this yourself, but I wouldn’t want you to have to suffer for twenty years, to learn what I already know. Please, contact a food specialist. Nutritionists do this every day, and are very skilled in detecting food sensitivities, allergic reactions associated with particular foods, and the additives they contain. Contact a nutritionist; explain what you’re feeling, mentally and physically. Bloating, tiredness, irritability, headaches, diarrhea, etc. are not the things you are supposed to feel after eating. The only feeling one should have after eating, is that of satisfaction and content. When choosing a nutritionist, you may ask them what they know about food intolerances, since I expect this will be the turning point in identifying and correcting your problems. Keep an open mind, a lot of the foods we think are good for us for can be very harmful for some of us, depending on your specific bio individuality. We are not all created equal when it comes to processing foods and additives. Talk to a nutritionist, and ask a lot of questions, the answers you need are waiting for you.

Start living the life you were meant to live, and stop living the one that’s cheating you from all that you should be. A nutritionist like myself, who knows all about this first hand will surely help you quickly dial in to the root of your problems. The next step is yours let my experience and education work for you. Please let me help to shed some light on the mysterious health and mental issues that have been plaguing. Your new life is waiting for you.

July 17, 2012

40 years of hell revisited

Hello,my name is Michael Macaluso, im 44 years of age, and the first 40 of my life I lived with accumulating mysterious chronic health issues. More then 50 labels have been placed on me,IBS,spastic colon,twisted intestine,ulcers,inflammation of all my organs,ADHD, chemical imbalance,bipolar,migraines,etc leading up to total brain fog and loss of coordination,as I eventually began to trip over my own feet. I wasn’t able to remember why I walked into the next room,or where I was suppose to be driving too. It got to the point that I could no longer maintain a conversation without constantly forgetting the reason for the conversation..couldn’t remember the last sentence that was spoken,very embarrassing and frustrating. People didn’t want to converse with me anymore,who could blame them. Ive tried more then a dozen meds and many different Drs from different fields ,nothing made any sense, I could feel the frustration of the Drs disgust as each pill failed to really make any difference in my slow demise. All small temporary patches each with its own bad side effect,such as severe mood swings. I could no longer maintain a relationship,and as lonely as I was for all that I was experiencing ,I really didn’t want to be alone. My family business eventually allowed me to spend most of my time home ,or with Drs trying everything under the sun to get control of my body and push back all the horrible feelings I was having associated with all my mysterious health issues. 

Still my problems kept compounding and growing, from Mds to psychiatrist still going one direction all the long down. 17 years with one of New Yorks greatest psychiatrist dr Jay lefer ,as he documented my demise from bad to worse. Lost all friends,relationship,couldn’t function at work without humiliation , eventually I wore the patience of my family as well, and could clearly feel I was a burden to all and couldn’t depend on myself. I couldn’t cook a meal without forgetting something and smoking out the house. Lost all desire to continue,felt like a walking disease that the world could do without. I became to hate myself and all the negativity and hopelessness that I felt and projected and all my ill thoughts. I tired suicide several times,and couldn’t even do that rite. About 3and half years ago I hit rock bottom as I began to experience anaphylactic shocks and total mental shutdown,nor me or the Drs had any clue to what was going on,and just figured the end is close. The anaphylactic shocks happened more and more and closer and closer together. 6 trips that I actually went to the emergency room ,many other times was a gross ugly scene to say the least as I waited to die I decided to run from my life,and all that new me for whom I become. 

I went to the bank drew all the money I could take and borrow and jetting to a nice warm Caribbean island to live the rest of my final days. There was no joy or celebration,the first night out after drinking all the alcohol I could consume. I found myself in a Caribbean emergency room, not a good place to be ,I experienced half a dozen shocks in the Caribbean over the next few months. My overall being got even worse, as I lost some control of my body,and it began shaking and twitching on its own and I could do little to stop this,nobody wanted to be near me, nor did I want to humiliate myself further. Eventually I headed back to the states and to an a respectable hospital. While watching a special on tv about mercury poison from consuming too much seafood,I thought wow,I eat seafood almost everyday. Also I been eating seafood since I was a child,my hobby was fishing and I ate everything I caught, besides all the sushi I had been eating for last 10 years. Then when they spoke about the ill effects of mercury poison it caught my attention and I light went on in my head,and some added excitement that I may be onto the something here that all the Drs missed. And for sure I took notice that after I consumed sushi I had increased twitching ,sweating,and the depression worsened. Maybe I was experiencing the problems of mercury poison,and when I read further of the ill effects it seems even more likely for a was experiencing a lot of the effects of high levels of mercury on the body,a light of hope and the excitement to follow that I may be able to fix all this for the first time in a very long time something actually made sense.

I Went and tested my blood and also toxic urine test. These tests were performed a month after I stopped eating seafood and my blood was still 29 and my toxic urine test from my lifetime of accumulation was off the charts,I surely had toxic levels of mercury in my body,and was hopeful that I got to the root of the problem. I ordered dmsa capsules to help remove the mercury from my body and had some amazing results. Just my second day on the dmsa pills and I woke up feeling pretty well my overall being. On the 3rd day i woke up and i never ever remembering my mind feeling so clear and my belly not bloated or in severe pains. The 4th day still improving,and now the depression lessening with each passing day. So much excitement you can imagine. On the 8th day shortly after taking the dmsa pills my left ear popped open as if i been on an airplane for the last 20 years. I could hear in that ear amazing clear, i was able to hear so much ,and even the slightest noise,birds and distant airplanes. I could hear nature and all it noises that had been smothered out from the inflammation of the sinus cavity,and the dmsa was removing the toxins allowing the inflammation to reside so much so that it actually made the popping sound like that of clearing your ears from a plane ride. i read into it but couldn't find i thing of what just happened. Also wanted to mention that i no longer needed my glasses to read,i guess for the same inflammation reason, in this case meaning the inflammation around the eyes was so bad that it actually threw my eyes out of focus,and now i was seeing perfectly clear. 2 days later just after a large dose of DMSA the other ear popped open. just 2 years earlier i had my ears tested and the Dr recommended a hearing aid for my own safety because i could not hear things around me unless they were very loud. 

Now i was hearing even the slightest things,i even dropped things on the wood floor to see how they sounded,and i don't ever remember hearing these noises. The inflammation was so bad it blocked out so much,and now i was hearing like i never heard before in my life, i brought tears to my eyes. Also i was having all kinds of new feelings,and my mind was getting so much clearer with each passing day. What the hell was going on ,not even the Drs could explain,but i continued on with the 21 day protocol for the dmsa with amazing results as all my chronic issues began to reside to an extremely noticeable effect. So after the 21 days u need to replenish the body,because the dmsa rapes the body of all minerals bad but also the good ones,cant get the bad out without losing the good with the dmsa process .Very aggressive way to rid the body of toxins in a short time,but my situation seems to call for some kind of immediate help. just a few days after stopping the DMSA oral treatment all my chronic issues began to return and worsen with each passing day, hearing was blocked again,and my blurred vision returned. Guessed at the time i just needed a lot more treatment,and i found an easier way then timing these pills 4 times a day,away from meals. i read about intravenous chelation therapy. this process would mean that i come to drs office once a week for an hour and they could fill me up with edta, liquid type form with similar effects of dmsa pills without timing my entire day,and may be more effective because it goes straight in the blood where as the dmsa has to be processed. just one injection of intravenous and i was done for the week,no timing,pills,meals,and vitamins ,also maybe less toxic then the oral pills as i see it. Not as strong the edta,and no control of the dosage,but very effective,could feel results within the first hour. I continued the treatment for several months with great results,as all my mysterious health issues resided with continuing treatment,also i completely stopped eating seafood for nearly 7 months.At that point i figured mercury from the seafood was the culprit at the root of my problems.
This wasn’t making sense and nor was the dr making any sense of all that was happening. Ran a mercury blood test and it came back non detectable for mercury. Anaphylactic shocks began occurring more frequently and closer together .I began to wonder if mercury was at the root of my issues, or just one of my issues. I Began to make a diary of all that I ate,and noticed that there were certain foods that I would eat that would cause my to feel depressed,cause severe brain-fog,and even slurred speech. Also the severe pains and cramps I was experiencing after eating certain foods or drinking certain beverages. On the food end I noticed that anything dried, like dry fruit , or dried spices,or shelled nuts of any kind seem to prompt me for these shocks,also wine gave me red blotches,swelling of the hands,joints,and left me scratchy,. same for anything dried. Also noticed that bottled lemon juice caused many bad reactions. These are some of the items I found causing me similar ill effects after ingesting,, dried fruit,dried spiced,lemon juice,any shelled nuts, wine,especially white worse then the red. Any kind of beverage besides water bent me over in cramps. Also garlic and onions wrecked my stomach for days. All these items were immediate triggers to cause me to suffer,mentally and physically. I tried a home test shelling 6 almonds and ate them, and I didn’t get sick at all. Then tried 3 shelled almonds the next day and got violently ill,and had near episode of anaphylactic. I also remember that when I caught my own fish I never got ill,but when I purchased fish from the market I got very ill. It became clear to me that it was the food sources, but something the food manufacturers was adding to there foods.
Very disappointing but seemed to add sense to why I haven’t been able to find a dr who could help me,or even have a clue to what I was talking about. I continued my research to find a sulfite specialist, searched my heart out and there are no advertised sulfite specialist. What I did learn is that the best Dr to see for this was an allergist,because of the allergic type reaction,but its not really considered an allergy,but allergy like symptoms. I came across an article that said if I wanted to find a Dr with experience with sulfites that I would actually have to start calling all the allergy Drs listed ,and interview there secretaries if the dr they work for has worked with a case like this before. Mostly the answer I received was if its an allergy we be happy to work with you Mr Macalauso. Well I didn’t want to be a guine pig or anybodys first case,I wanted a dr with experience. I spent the next month calling and interviewing more then 100 Drs secretary and finally I hit pay dirt. I spoke to a secretary of Dr Russel Cancellari from Southampton new york. The wonderful secretary who been with Dr russel for 45 years told me that its my lucky day and that Dr Russel did a long study with several Drs of genetics on sulfites and there affects on the body. He has been recognized for his extensive study and work on sulfites and there effects and he would be the best Dr in the USA for this. She went to give me an appointment for the following week,which seemed like a lifetime to wait after hearing the promising news that Dr Russel could confirm my findings and help me get well and redeem my life. I explained further to her of all I was going through and she said come over today and we will get you some time with Dr Russel. As fast as I could drive I was at Dr Russels cancellaris office. Few hours later I met with Dr Russel,it was like judgment day for me,and dr Russel ,well he was a god at this moment. Would he deliver or would I be laughed out of another Drs office. 
Well Dr Russel delivered big-time,he confirmed all my findings to be true with overwhelming evidence, as I breathed a sigh of relief. He even told me how I could test for this at home,but was not necessary for all I presented was more then enough to secure the fact that I had true allergy to sulfites. Dr Russel was so intrigued and pleased with all my documentation and findings that he copied all my notes and spent more then a hour with me going over and confirming ,and reconfirming the facts of my condition. I Noticed that I seemed to know many effects of this issue that even he didn’t know and I had to ask. Dr is it possible for me to know things that you the expert doesn’t? He said with your case, you live with the condition all your life,that experience alone cant go without to say that mi a walking test kit,and to further add he never meet a client who read so much into the condition,that I seemed to earn his respect for my finding he said I studied it for many years but living with the condition 24/7 is experience that he envied, but he wasn’t ready to trade places with me. Very exciting to say the least,excited that I wasn’t crazy and that I been misdiagnosed and mistreated for all my life. An excuse for all the madness,and suffering that experienced. After the excitement resided some I was wondering what this all means,its there a magic pill,or treatment? What do I need do to get well. That’s when Dr Russel delivered the blow to all the excitement of my conviction of a sulfite sensitivity that eventually tuned full blown to a life threatening allergy. So what do I do from hear I asked? I dint get a comforting answer to my problems. He told me that I would need to learn what sulfites are so that I would know how to advoid them. No pills, no treatment,just go home and on my own I would need to learn all I can si I would know how to avoid sulfites. I was looking for help,for somebody to fix me,not direction,and years of studying to begin to understand how to save my life. He wasn’t very reassuring that I would be able to do this .. like hitting the lottery but you cant spend the money. I felt like I was left for dead. Then I became angry at all the drs in the past that laughed me out of there offices, I even returned to 2 offices to confront them and all they could say is well, at least you found it. Not the answer I wanted but moving along
I realized that I would need to save myself and Dr Russel basically reassured me a short life,and added that even if I did all I can that there’s no guarantee that I will be able to avoid sulfites, that even if I did all I can that food manufactures still cheat and often sulfite latend foods make its way into organic markets,and also that even the organic markets use sulfur dioxide and that I would need to clean and peel everything, but still he said I can expect to be tricked and fall ill again . But I vowed to do all I can and get the most out of my life,and learn all I can about sulfites . I asked why at age 40 that its come to a head lets call it. He explained the accumulative effects of the sulfites and the body cant process or oxidize,or pass these toxins they are forced to store them. So if your not processing your accumulating . He explained that the body tries to defend itself by dispersing the toxins through the body not to saturate and one organ. AAnd in time according to ones diet and intake of sulfites that he noticed that these people growing up have sensitivities to sulfites ,and later in life when these people hit there 40s or 50s he noticed that the sensitivities became life threatening as the saturated the body from accumulating and not being able to pass this stuff,that sometime around that point the sensitivities become full blown life threatening allergy. The body cant handle anymore sulfites,saturated the bodys next defense against ingesting more toxins, ends up just shutting down rather then dealing with the next significant exposure to these toxins, hence the anaphylactic shocks.Dr Russel left me with this, its a trying process and you will get burnt along the way . he encouraged any support would be helpful. So I left his office with so many mixed feelings,but most of all I was hopeful. I later explained to my family, but with all the prior messes and misdiagnoses who could blame them for stepping aside and not getting involved, and friends never heard of anything like this before so who knows what they were thinking. I even have Dr friends who never heard of a sulfite allergy that destroys your life and health to such a degree. So forward I went on my mission to uncover and learn all I can about sulfites so I may avoid them,and also study about all known ill side effects,and why me is it only me who seems to have this problem. IIts 2 steps forward and one step back,and as my knowledge so lesser are the steps back ,as I begin to thrive for the first time in my life. Several years later here I am, a sulfite buff. Not only have I been able to help myself and get control of my life, I been able to help others to identify the same issues that I have. I know what to look for and how to identify a sulfite sensitivity or an allergy. 
I Can help prove or disprove if a sulfite condition exist. I know that is a very difficult condition to live with,it takes a lot of knowledge and even then still a lot of work to avoid sulfites, I have to purchase,and hand select all my foods,and then all my meals must be prepared at home. There’s not a restaurant out there that mi aware of that I may eat in without becoming ill. TThere whole structure of purchasing doesn’t allow them to buy fresh whole unprocessed or preserved foods. You cant have a piece of fish in a restaurant that wasn’t frozen with preservatives at some point before it gets to your table. TThen what chef would work with foods with no flavorings, or spices,and what food handler will know what not to put in that plate. So moving to help friends I know how difficult living with this condition can be,also even when I can identify a person with sulfite issues in most cases they just look at me like I have 2 heads. HHeres how hard I know it is for someone to identify if they sulfite issue. I have a friend I ive known for many years, when we were younger we spent a lot of time fishing together and living together on weekends on our fishing trips that we lived for. Well wouldn’t you know that this friend got very ill when we brought fish from the market or ate at a restaurant, but all the fish we used to catch never made him ill. He couldn’t have any dried spices,and dried meat made all made him sick, he has issues with nuts,and he showed a lot of the signs of the struggles associated with exposure to these toxins for people who don’t deal well with sulfites in particular .Swelling of the ankles after consuming seafood,or any of these items,the crazy leg pains,headaches,and brainfog. Eventually the young man just 30 years of age had to have a kidney transplant. 
Coincidence so did his father have a kidney transplant. Well years later and both of them need new kidneys. I spoke to my friend and told him a lot and that he needed to see Dr Russel. He went back to his dr and his dr looked at him like he had 2 heads,so he was embarrassed and little humiliated. I tired many times since,and sent him the data he needs to read. He don’t even return my calls or answer my emails. I contacted his grandfather to try to explain that its possible what mi saying and why not check it out. He cursed me out and told me to leave that kind of stuff to the Drs. So the understanding I got from working with people is that if there Dr doesn’t understand what mi saying then the problem cant be real. How could I know all this and the Drs not a clue. That’s the feedback that mi left with in most cases. The FDA claims at least one percent of the population has sulfite issues, the expert Dr Russel who did the only extensive known study on the subject says at least 15 percent of the population will develop sulfite issues at some point in there lives. EEither number you look at means that millions of people suffer from sulfites at some point,how many of them will be as lucky as I was to find this problem on there own. How many people will suffer dearly and have an early death and never know why Sulfite sensitivity or allergy is an inherited condition,so it was no surprise that out of 4 siblings I have a sister who shares the same problem. Even my own sister wont come to terms why shes been throwing up all her life. 
We all know that its almost expected she will vomit after a meal. Shes eliminated some of the things that make her throw up so violently,but she has no clue why these things make her ill,so she don’t have the information to cross reference to other foods and beverages that make her ill,constipated,or diarrhea. The whole ibs. And yes the crazy mood swings. Its very easy to me to see whats going on,but her dr never heard of my condition,so it doesn’t exist. IIt bothers me that family and friends of mine are suffering dearly,every day,and for most its every minute of everyday they suffer,and worst of all they no clue to the suffering,they have no control of there bodies ,and when they get very ill and bent over they no clue as to why,only that they will avoid that meal,or the restaurant they ate at, and for sure nobody wants to hear that they will need to shop and cook for themselves, I think this alone may be enough for some to stay ill and not make all the efforts to be well. Nobody wants to hear you never eat at a dinner or restaurant again,well you can if you don’t mind being sick for few days. And the other part that I mentally have struggled in the past,and no secret that a saw I psychiatrist nearly every week of the past18 years. I got into trouble ,and even worse I did at some point have exposure to street drugs, that wasn’t a big secret. 
So I didn’t paint a pretty picture of myself and my own life .Struggles that I all tie directly to my issues,and how exposure to sulfites can completely alter a persons mind if there bodys are not able to process sulfites. 5 years ago I was basically slightly retarded,and had to struggle not to trip over my own feet. I was completely incoherent of what was going on around me. I could read a sentence and just 1 minute later not remember a word. Well now my memory is so good that’s its almost photographically well,that if I look a something for a second I can still see that image hours later. I can maintain a conversation without losing my thought. My Dr lefer the psychiatrist has never seen anything like it in his 50 years. And the change was overnight,in just 2 weeks after changing my diet I became a new person. My lifetime of chronic depression not better,but completely gone! I cured my depression, how often can you hear somebody say they cured the chronic depression. All along it was the food. Even Dr lefer stepped up to admit this, Michael all the time we thought the problem was in your head was actually in your stomach. And gone misdiagnosed and untreated all these years eventually affected your head. I nearly burst in tears when I heard this. Yes a condition may also exist, but the condition is triggered from exposure to these toxins .For the most part food isnt the root of my causes,its what the food manufactures put into the food that’s a problem,the man made chemicals,not natures mistake.
To note back to how difficult it is to get help with this condition extends to the emergency rooms. Over a dozen times to the emergency room and never did any dr there a clue to as what was happening. Somewhere along the line when I began to belive it to be shock from exposure to sulfites,I even mentioned it to the drs in the ER,but they all gave me the 2 headed look and just figured I was in shock just running a muck my thoughts. Even just recently in Miami I went into shock from exposure from trying to eat oatmeal,turned out its dried food and preserved with sulfur dioxide. In the emergency Room I explained all that was going on and they looked at my 2 heads. AAnd since had one more shock from exposure to apple peels and know I just walk the drs through it at the er.My protocol is ,Saline solution,3-5 bags,pure oxygen, and a shot of liquid benedryl (Diphenhydramine) into the iv of the saline solution and pray. At home when I feel an attack coming on after exposure I will try to drink fluid to help hydrate and saturate the body ,accompanied by green tea which works wonders for a mild attack blocking binding and eliminating the toxins or free radicals from the prior meal. Often once I begin vomiting I usually cant get myself rite at that point. Once the vomiting starts mi not able to even process water,the organs are shutting down and mi beginning to die. The saline allows the body to absorb fluids without having to ingest them. The benedryl allows me to breathe so I can get oxygen to the failing organs, and stay conscious. 
For the most part the emergency room always thinks that I am experiencing a drug overdose of some kind,Still to this day I haven’t met any Drs in the ER that even had the slightest idea what was going ,so yeah its a bit scary to have to walk the drs through the protocol,and hope that I get cooperation,not in every case. This just inflames my already bad situation when mi trying to explain all this to a dr who never heard of a sulfite allergy,as I fight for my life. Each time I go into the er the longer it takes for my body to come out of shock. So for sure these shocks are taking a toll. I started out with one bag of saline solution, now im up to 5-6 bags before im conscious and aware of whats going on. There’s an excellent book out there online called NO SULFITES. Its free to read off the Internet. Ive read all that’s out there. This gentleman who constructed the base of this book has a sulfite sensitivity. He has done an amazing job with all available data of the sulfites,which he refers to as the brimstone demons,I refer to sulfites as cryptonite is to superman, so are the sulfites this way to me. 
They can stop me dead in my tracks,and leave me lying helpless on the floor. I Dont agree 100 percent with all his findings,and the findings of others that he also shares. BBut its the best data out there and it 98 percent on the money. Maybe bio individuality may play a role there,so maybe closer to 99 percent correct. Again its mt so called bible the the material is unsurpassed by anything else ive read on the subject. And I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject,or curious if they may share the same sulfite issue.also a websight called fedup.com exelent source of data on all food allegies.food intolerance network. At this point mi able not only help myself but am able to help others. SSo many people ive helped in a short period of time,not being a dr or having credentials, but by sharing indisputable facts ive learned. As for the ones I couldn’t help because of the ignorance of there Drs not to entertain something outside of there box, well I haven’t given up. I will continue my crusade to help educate others,including the Drs, but most important to help the so many people suffering mysterious health and mental issues and not a clue to why they suffer and struggle thought here life. 
There are no test available in the usa that are accurate for sulfite testing. Its recommended that you find a Dr who will run a test at a hospital. TTo administer sulfite pills in small increments over a period of an hour to see if and at what level you get a bad response at which point you stop and hope not to go into shock. Good luck finding a Dr who will administer this test,its possible but I haven’t found one yet willing to do all that. I don’t need anymore further confirmation of my issue, but sure would be nice to have have a document to appease the non believers. And for other people who are wondering if sulfites are a problem for them it sure would be a better world if we can all run out and get tested ,but luck wont have it with sulfites,I wonder if the food manufactures know all this and are banking on it. Without a solid test confirmation a lot of people will stop rite there. Most people need a piece of paper that says positive,other they are never positive of anything sadly. You need an open mind,because this is all new. You will need self diagnosing to some extent if you want to positively identify the issue ,even before seeing a Dr or specialist who knows of the matter. I learned this first hand when I sent somebody to go see my Dr Russel who I was certain had a sulfite sensitivity .I identified the issue but, because the person with it was not able to identify the problem they were not able to share with the dr of our findings,and just showing up saying I think I have a sulfite allergy seems to fall short of what the Dr needs to hear to get on that page. And in some cases when Dr Russel was ready to entertain the sulfite theory,he would send them home and recommend a a test using figs,and this falls short with people ,they want a test from a laboratory that says positive . not a home test where you look for a reaction after consuming certain items. Most people I talked to on the subject think its normal to have bad reactions after you eat. Tired,bellyaches,severe gas .headaches,they’ve grown to believe this is normal. 

Was time to break from the intravenous chelation therapy for few weeks as protocol will have it.Well just about a week after I stopped the chelation all my chronic issues began to returned, I couldn’t hear,see,smell properly,and the brainfog returned and all the good feelings I was experiencing resided and I slowly returned to hell. I met with the dr who was administering the chelation therapy,mainly to talk about my returning illnesses soon after stopping the chelation. His answer seemed fair,he said I was really loaded with poison and that it could take many years of treatment to I can see more permanent results. I did mention to the dr that I noticed that upon administration of chelation that I would feel amazing,almost high, I was afraid to say because if felt so good. I even asked what in the chelation would make me feel so good, I was reassured that there was no drugs in the chelation,and that the chelation it most likely binding the free radical,or toxins and allowing the body to perform its functions much better without the interference of the toxins,sounded good. But he also made note that he rarely ever sees someone feel as good as me with the treatment,and added that the answer must be that mi so heavily latent with mercury that I am able to feel the results,so we figured. 3 weeks after treatment I had another anaphylactic shock,thought I was done with that,I hadn’t eaten anymore seafood in a year. 

Started cross referencing the food and beverages that caused me to be ill. What does a shrimp from the ocean and a peanut have in common, and why if I shell my own nuts,and catch my own fish I don’t get ill but when I go to market these same items made me very sick. So I looked into how and what food manufactures add to there items along the way,to prevent spoilage and cut back on losses. I turned up with sulfites,cosmetic food preservers,also used as a pesticide sulfur dioxide,sprayed on crops once a week during grow time. Also the seafood it treated the same to prevent whats known as browning, its nearly impossible to buy seafood that hasn’t been treated. All seafood much be frozen according to FDA ,and just before freezing is when the food manufactures add there preservatives,hence fresh frozen. So now I research the effects of sulfites on the body. With the new information on sulfites I began revisiting many of the Drs I saw in the past to help shed light on all that was happening and get to the bottom of this. Well when I presented all that I found I was laughed out of several Drs offices, 2 Drs felt they needed to remind me that I had a chemical imbalance,as to say that my ideas were that of a crazy man. I left very disappointed and frustrated that the Drs wouldn’t even entertain my findings,and not only let me down but they added insult rather then listening to my findings that seem to make more sense then any Dr I ever seen before. Frustrated by the drs turning a cold shoulder to me I began researching and reading all that was available on sulfites and there ill effects. I even entertained taking some kind of course to help me understand all this better and save myself from all this misery and suffering. Then after researching medical schools I came to learn that in medical school in the USA they don’t teach about sulfites. 

After you eat there should be no reaction at all except the feeling of complete satisfaction,and content the belly is full,anything beyond that is a bad reaction. A very interesting finding by Dr Russel is worth mentioning. I have celiac disease and have been tested for it 3 times and every time mi negative for any kind of gluten intolerance,but yet if I have gluten mi put down for days and prime my immune system for anaphylactic shock with even the slightest exposure after a gluten encounter. Dr Russel pointed out to me that people who have sulfite allergy also cant process gluten but show negative on there tests,. this is another tale tale sign to look for in a sulfite sensitive person. Aware they seems to clearly be a gluten problem but the tests show negative. He stated something of the body needs the same process to deal with sulfites,also deals with toxic gluten. 

So gluten problem but negative test,is big flag to look further if there is a sulfite issue. I understand the amount of time and efforts that can go into studying on the subject to be able to help others, and maybe some Drs feel too much time and effort for so little return if its such a rare condition. But the more I learn and identify people so many people with the condition that I truly believe if the Drs new what to look for and how to identify the problem that that would see its not so rare at all,just rare to be able to identify it. So its much much more rare to identify it then it is to actually have the condition. mi pretty sure many allergist have had and are still seeing patients with the condition,but not the tools to catch it. Another big hurdle is health insurance.They dont recognize the condition either , so much of my trips to the dr and much that I do today to balance the imbalances associated with the condition have to be paid out of pocket. I like to mention the half a million dollars in medical bills the insurance has paid out of the years treating the 68 mysterious chronic health issues associated with the side affects of the condition,and several unnecessary operations that never needed to be performed if a Dr only was able to recognize all the telltale signs that I projected along the way. It makes financial sense if the problem is caught early on you wont have to be treated for all its ill side effects .and especially in the case where father and son had kidney transplants that was unnecessary and didn’t solve the problem. You cant win being stubborn and strong headed,it will win every time, I sooner take my luck with a caged lion,if I make it out of the cage alive im Scot free,with the sulfite allergy it just progresses and tears you apart slowly but surely.

 I actually found a way to help rid the body of stored sulfites. I read that sulfur and mercury bind to each other like magnets,and once bound these elements cant be separated. So if you have high levels of mercury, which also goes hand in hand with the condition. If you cant process sulfites properly ,then you also cant process metals like mercury. SSo fact is some forms of sulfites,like sulfur bind to mercury,so I do chelation therapy to remove the mercury ,and when I do this the sulfur levels on my toxic urine test shoot to the end of the charts,but without the chelation the sulfur levels on the toxic urine test come back normal,but when provoked they can shoot off the chart of being able to measure it.. Proof is in the tests and I am living proof of that. And I learned the hard way what you dont know may kill you. AND THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT THE BRIMSTONE DEMONS IS TO ADVOID THEM. And being educated is the only way to know how to advoid them. Last note if I may quote a word from Dr Russel,just because most of the world doesn’t feel any of the immediate ill effects of food preservatives and pesticides,to the point where they are noticeable or immediate obvious ill effects,doesn’t mean you are not being taxed , these preservatives are bad for everyone. RRemember they put just enough in there not to make us ill. Who determines the long term effects of these toxins. To say it in a nutshell anyone who eliminates these food preservatives will feel all the better for it,in mind and body.

July 16, 2012

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Welcome to my new blog www.mikemacaluso.com. This blog is to document and share my food sensitivities.