August 30, 2012

Phenol Sensitivity

All toxic substances affect me. A trip to the salon is a mine field of toxic explosions that i feel because of everything that i smell and come in contact with. Hair spray, nothing like suckin some aerosol and gunk for your hair into your lungs. Add some talcum powder for your neck into the mix. You know you and everyone is breathing this in and when they buzz your hair, of course we all sucking some fine hair down as well.

Now the pedicure starts with a toxic perfume filled soak, oh the pins and needles i feel just thinking about it.  We all breathing in the fine nail shaving as the file whips back and fourth. Poor manicurists that don't wear masks. Why not spray some alcohol all over your feet and soak up some more toxins. The spray bottles sends the alcohol airborne, of course if you smell it your ingesting it. Same for the manicurists  How about some toxic chemicals to dissolve those cuticles. placing your hands in a toxic substance to dissolve your cuticles? Take little breaths......

August 28, 2012

 Digestion begins in the brain! That's when you begin to prepare the body for what's coming. Examples, your mouth waters when you see and or smell foods you like before you even have tastes it. So eat something that you know is good for you, so your body prepares itself for something good and nourishing. If you eat something bad, and you know its bad, then how should your body prepare for this?

 It's probably not getting ready to produce the enzymes it should, nor preparing to digest this meal, rather to just push it through the body,trying to avoid it. so eat something that your whole body knows is essentially healthy for you and your body will function at its best to get all it can from that meal.

August 18, 2012

Allergic to gas

I definitely had super high levels of mercury from eating fish on a daily basis,that goes in line with my inability to detox properly.I did chelation for 2 years and cleaned a lot of the toxins out,but my problems were there since a child,way before eating fish. yes inflammation is always at the beginning all diseases. but this was something that i was born with., a genetic disposition.. i do have inflammation of all my organs.especially before i changed my diet. its a problem in the methylation cycle somewhere. my inability to process sulfur, sulfites, gluten, preservatives, amines, salcylates

I used to have 68 labels. since i changed my diet im down to less then 10. . and still not a single Dr can i find to even begin to understand,never mind to i taken it upon myself to study nutrition,and functional medicine. functional medicine Dr's are taught to treat people using food not drugs., they are taught to identify and eliminate food that ill us,that most of us think are good for us,but because of our bioindoviduality 
,.some foods that have good can be very bad for certain people. like garlic, or onions.they can kill me!. then after the functional medicine Dr's help you eliminate those food that ill us. then they focus on a healthy diet,and good environment,your primary foods.. so i study alongside these conventional Dr's who have decided they are tired of using drugs and not helping people but making them worse. these Dr's are morally correct for doing this and i praise them for being a better Dr and looking in to the root causes of 
these chronic conditions... so i do this as well,but also i live with such a condition that they are exposing..but sadly it clearly seems that i am at the top of the food chain when at these classes with 200 Dr's that actually 
turn to me for validation from time to time..because i study and more important i live with food sensitivities that can kill me. and 6 anaphylactic shocks are proof that it don't take much to put me down. keep in mind I'm 185, built like a body builder,. i look invincible.. till you expose me to some poor food choices. even yesterday i walked into pier one,and had a small bout with a very bad reaction to all the fragrances that pier one has in there stores. or like i said eating food cooked with gas will wreck me for a few days..god help me!

 As i do all my best to help myself..and so sorry for the many people who suffer from things like this,but no clue to there slow demise and long suffering till they die of an early death..very sad.. I'm doing all i can and when i have this aced i will really be able to not only help myself,but continue to help others.. sadly when i do supply some people with why they are suffering,it only gets set aside as these people confront there Dr's,and get shunned away,even laughed away as they continue to suffer,and there Dr's continue to poison them. and that's just the way it happens.99 percent of the time.