September 22, 2012


So 2 nights ago i had a health bar from wholefoods,gluten free and organic. Well just 2 bites into the bar i new something was deadly wrong. Severe headache, soon followed by vomiting. Then began inflammation of all my organs, but what got hit the hardest was my liver. So off to the emergency room,they shot me up with diphenahydrine, liquid benedryl. Gave me pure oxygen to help me breathe, and lots of saline to hydrate my body especially the liver. It was so inflamed it was not able to function properly.

All this from exposure to just 3-4 cacao nibs that where in that health bar. And my problem did not go away so fast. 48 hours and still my body wont take food or fluids unless administered by injection. So back to the hospital today because the vomiting hasnt stopped as well as the headaches.These are some of the worst headaches i have experienced. I expect they will just continue the saline solution to keep me hydrated. Also i hope to run some test on my liver. I wasn't able to urinate in 30 hours. As soon as i left the hospital i had to urinate. Cant imagine how i would have survived the ordeal had i finished the bar.

September 18, 2012

People of the labels, ADD/ADHD/Chemical Imbalance/Autism

All these people share this one common denominator, PST deficiency. The body doesn't produce enough sulfate ions, and it's stored mostly in the liver. Sulfates are necessary to process sulfates,and sulfur, and many other toxins including Phenols, natural plant toxins. Dr. Rosemary Waring is the the dr who proved PST deficiency exist. Shes is located in the U.K. here in the USA we have a leading expert on PST deficiency Dr. Amy Yasko. Dr Yasko even has an array of test for PST deficiency, and she knows how to treat it. These 2  leading experts on the condition can even explain how PST interrupts the methylation cycle. 

There are other doctors out there who claim to have studied there works and go under the listing of DAN doctors. DAN stands for ( defeat autism now). But these doctors have different levels of education on the subject, they aren't all very qualified in the field. Dr Amy Yasko sight tells u how to find well experienced ones,and not one that just attended a seminar on the subject. 

You want to find a doctor well qualified and who has treated at least 20 cases and is fully familiar with Dr. Amy Yasko or Dr. Rosemary Waring. Dr. Amy Yasko has a very long wait time to visit her, she conveys most of her help now there her Internet sight and forum, she's great!! Lucky are the ones who get to see her, and even more so to find her sight and wisdom to get he help that they need and make sense of all he madness that all the other doctors  flopped up along the way, no clue to these people's sufferings, and 
suffer rite up tip an early death. 

I haven't figured out why more people don't know about this, except that it took me many years as well studying my condition til I fell upon these doctors who have it all figured out. 

September 17, 2012

PST deficiency and drinking alcohol- meet Jekyll and Hyde

I found that distilled clear and unflavored vodkas like Ciroc is the best choice next to no choice. Here is the difference. Drink clear Ciroc with a splash of organic cranberry, You can add a little raw organic brown sugar to dismiss the sourness. So i have a few drinks, I am very social, and the conversations are healthy and fun. My mood stays stable. My wife and i have a warm wonderful time head home, have a restful nights sleep. Next day i wake feeling fine and off to the gym at 8am, and just another wonderful day in paradise.

Now lets do this with flavored vodka or scotch with caramel or even just aged scotch is loaded with amines. So i have a few drinks. Then my mood changes for all the bad. I look for trouble, Make fun at people, fight with my wife and anyone else who is close to me. i put people down and look for all the trouble i can find. I have the classic "Just don't care attitude". I have terrible thoughts racing through my mind. i can only see the bad. I'm careless with my money.I'm looking for something more then the alcohol. My mind is sick and corrupt. My wife gets very disappointed.

We go home not talking,if we speak its all but negative talk. i go to sleep angry. I have bad lucid dreams, Wake up every hour or so. The next day i wake up and still looking for trouble.I'm grumpy and short with words. I have a huge chip on my shoulder all day and i most likely not make it to the gym. I have zero energy or thrive, My wife needs time to forget how out of place i acted in public and with her.

If you are going to drink...Drink clear and avoid the madness of the Jekyll and Hyde experience.

September 11, 2012

If you wont put it in your mouth then don't put it on your skin

For sure you wouldn't rub your baby down with motor oil! Baby oil is crude oil with the colors distilled out, but its still very toxic. If your baby or you are sensitive to chemicals, then for sure you don't want to be rubbing this on your body, not eve your hands. If i wouldn't put it in my mouth then i don't want to put it on my skin.

Either way you would be absorbing the toxic chemicals. Just as one soaks in Epson salt to supply the liver with sulfates. The baby oil, or other toxic creams will also pass through your liver. Quite often you can taste the chemicals in your mouth after applying it to your skin.

September 9, 2012

The answers to your problems are in the refrigerator

As a nutritionist i can't look inside your stomach but i sure can look rite into your refrigerator! One look inside and ill get a pretty good idea whats going on inside you. Often i can even match the food item to a direct ill effect. For instance pastas and breads and  bakery goods are loaded with gluten. Gluten's immediate side effect for those who are gluten intolerant would be bloating soon after ingesting gluten. Also it will show me ones addictions.

When there is an issue going on with the food sensitivities. There's usually a pattern,showing a grouping of particular toxins to that particulars persons bio individuality. Processed foods,soda, sugars,   table salts, starches, spices, strong odor foods like garlic,onions. food colorings,sweetners and even phenols.
Why bother waiting a couple weeks or longer to find out after what they have eaten. Go rite to the source!!  In the refrigerator are the answers to your problems. And if there aint much in the refrigerator then your problems are even bigger.

That means your living out of restaurants and dinners and all there foods are contaminated before they even receive it,no matter how much you spend or how elegant the dinning may be, u may even know the owners,its all contaminated!

Even if the restaurant poached and steamed everything you ate which aint going to happen,its contaminated, plus the chefs do a number on the foods spicing and flavoring them up. I never found a restaurant that uses raw unrefined salts! Sea salt maybe,but nice white chloride bleached. So Thats where i look, and the rest is listening to the individuals problems that are occurring

September 2, 2012

Living with (Phenol Sulfotransferase) deficiency

What does it mean? all the studys say that it means to have low,to extremely levels of of an enzyme phenol-sulphotranverase-p ( the enzyme responsible for oxidizing or breaking down Amines, and salicylates) (subgroups of phenols). Also referred to as the PST. To do this process it needs (SULPHATES) . The sulphates attach themselves to the phenols then they are able to be removed once they are attached. But if no sulphates, or not enough are available the phenols and other toxins will back up. This backing up causes physical and neurological effects. One physical effect that occurs over time can be the wearing down of the lining wall of the intestines and gut.

The toxic phenols that make there way through the intestines un oxidized eat away the lining of the stomach and intestines. leaving it vulnerable to be permeated by toxins that leak through the lining of the intestines and find its way back into your system,in a very most toxic form. These toxins that permeate the lining cause serious autoimmune response that can cause many addition food sensitivities,.as the body becomes weaker and has to work harder to deal with this foreign matter that makes it way back into your system.and the body is not designed or prepared to deal with this kind of toxic breach. also the brainfogs,and emotionional rollercoater from the back up of phenols in the brain,causing all kinds of blockage and interruptions to the normal flow of things.

So i am to learn what phenols are so i can limit them,they are impossible to avoid because they are in all foods and beverages. But you learn how to avoid the ones very high in phenols,and supply the body with sulphates to help the deficiency.And this really works!! introducing sulphates have to be done very slowly.introducing too much at once and your body will detox faster then it can eliminate,and you can overload your system and get very sick!!! dr rosemary waring seems to be the leading expert in the world at treating this condition. lucky people you guys in europe to have her. Here in the states we only get to follow her work and learn from it.

September 1, 2012

Epsom Salt

People with the labels all share one common denominator.  90 percent of these people are extremely deficient in sulfate supply,and the other 10 percent are low in sulfate. Sulfates are necessary for the body to be able to detox, the inability to detox causes a back up of toxins. The back of of these toxins is what causes a neurological issues, the brain can't function while hosting the back up of toxins.The toxins will cause inflammation ,and the inflammation makes it impossible for the brain to function properly. Also a major loss of circulation,  blood supply and oxygen due to the inflammation. All this makes it even harder to supply vital nutrients to the brain,also making it difficult to remove toxins.

I started with one tablespoon of epsom salts for a 20 minute bath,and weeks later im up to almost half a cup. The supply of magnesium sulfates has changed my life. The following positive affects have occurred in just 2 weeks. Improvement in my attention, a relaxed content feeling. I can smell amazingly better,i can hear better and taste better. Also i am much less sensitive to the foods that made me very ill before. All this in just 2 weeks!! cant wait til 2 months pass to see further improvements. Ill be happy if things stayed the way the are, but its ecpected that it takes about 2 months to ba able to use enough sulfates in the bath to fully supply the body with the sulaftes it needs to function more properly.


 If the body detoxes too much at one time, it wont be able to eliminate all the toxins being released at once, and this will cause a backup of toxins. then you will be in no better place then before you were deficient in sulfates. So i started with one tablespoon and increase one tablespoon with each bath. eventually in 2 months i expect to get to the max dose of 2 cups.. It can dry your skin out so be sure your getting lots of omega oil to counter some of the dryness . check out dr rosemary waring. She has a whole site dedicated to the epson salts and who would benefit from these saoks.and many other ways to supply the body with sulfates.

Update: 11/24/2012 From a reader.

I've been trying to post this on your "allergic to gas" thread, but is doesn't seem to be working... Sorry if you do wind up getting it more than once!

I've been loosely following your thread (and Mike I've been reading your blog and love it! And I'm an IINer too!). I've recently been looking into more of all this further and realizing how much of the methylation cycle is involved in all of this. I've come across some information you might find useful so I want to share.

My doctor has actually just ordered Yasko's genetic test to see if that can help us figure this stuff out better. I'm am very encouraged by it all. Yasko has some great info on her website about methylation etc. While she does specifically focus on Autism, she also recognizes these issues affect other health issues as well. I've been absorbed in her webisodes over the past few days... Here's her site:

Also here is a link to scribbs with some of her other articles that I've found to be interesting: At the bottom of this article it should also give you links to the other articles of hers. The Neurotransmitter one is super helpful too. I like that she writes in a very explainable style.

Here are also a few other sites I've found to be useful in explaining this all (some of them may have been posted before) – GABA Imbalance Þ Excitotoxicity

Anyway, just wanted to share these bits of information in case they can be of any help. This is all quite a mess, but now that I'm understanding methylation better it is all starting to make more sense!!!