October 22, 2012

Money rich vs Enriching your life

If your rich, you probably spent or still spending most of your time getting rich. While enriching your life is something much deeper then your pockets or bank accounts! Yes money is great! but not if you have to trade in your good soul for a greedy ruthless one. 

Then when your rich with money you want to buy and spend to feel like a king or queen, but that means being dependent on the people you are paying to make you feel special,and can only imagine what the say behind your back.
Enriching your life means smelling the flowers and sharing with others.Sharing and caring and not missing the little gifts that god has set for us to enjoy. Enriching your life is not like a bank account where you hoard your treasures. Enriching your life means you carry these wonderful feelings wherever you go, and the best part is you get to share your gifts with others and everyone wins and nobody loses. Money is the cherry on the pie, the pie is the healthy happy life. Without the pie the cherry is very bitter. The pie always taste good,even without the cherry.

October 18, 2012

gallbladder surgery=NOT!!!! CLEAN IT YOURSELF AT HOME

500 thousand a year in the USA.  Most of them completely unnecessary!  Processed foods,especially processed carbs like pastas,and breads will be the cause of galllbaldder stones. Stones will lead to polyps ,and eventually to many stones and polyps and the gallbladder is packed. So the dr will just remove it like the good butchers they are. So now the liver and kidneys will bear the burden of toxins and things the body cant process, eventually leading to kidney stones and toxic sludge build-up in the liver, and store the toxins in the same area of the organs to need to perform,unlike the gallbladder who sole job is to store these toxins and emcapsulate them like pearls to render the poisions harmless. 
Todays times the body has to bear more toxins then ever before,and the gallbladders have not enough time to grow bigger to accomodate the increased toxic loads. So my gallbladder stuffed with stones and polyps had to make a move ,because it was causing issues and uncomfort. So i read and read and i found out what the drs dont know,.And i say that with confidence,i have checked with over 100 dr,and mostly GI drs. But they say that it isnt possible,and they chuckle at the idea.  So for 3 days the only thing i drank was apple juice ,a gallon a day. On the 3rd night rite before going to sleep i drank a half a glass of olive oil mixed with quarter cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and went to bed and layed on my rite side. Well i woke at 6 am with a little discomfort in my lower intestine area. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself and what i saw come out was crazy! big green bloobs of sludge came out on the first pass. never smelt or seen anything like this come out before. Then about 2 minutes later i went again and this time there were green stones the size of ping pong balls coming out,slippery film on the outside but hard as stone inside.
Yes a squeezed some with my hands ,there was no breaking these stones.. then a 3rd pass about 30 minutes later and the stones were coming out black now,. they were a bit smaller the size of marbles all the way down to the size of peas. they were hard as rocks and could not be broken unless you crushed them with a steal plyers.  i repeated this process 2 more times  over the course of one year.  i just recently went for my scan of my gallbladder and the bladder was empty!! So it absolutely worked..and for my polyps they have already increases several millimeters and eventually they will disapear on there own and my gallbladder is empty so no surgery was ever needed,and my dr still dont understand how it worked but has assured me that he ackowledged that it is empty .. I have showed this process to several dr now who have used the treatment for themselves ,. Sorry for the non believers, the butchers are waiting !