November 26, 2012


I tried all the suspected deficiencies connected to or influence how much a known food allergen may irritate the affect the food source or additives will have on each person. Effects that can vary on a scale from 1-10 and there are so many factors to take into consideration with each situation from just a scratch to a life threatening situation. Some factors to mention would be or could be related to the following. The amount of ingested allergen in one sitting. The amounts ingested from the accumulation of many meals that day or that week. How hydrated the body is.The more hydrated the more allergen that will be needed to cause ill affects. The less hydrated or being dehydrated means less allergen will be needed to cause an obvious ill affect.

The reasoning is that hydration dilutes the toxin and if your organs are very dehydrated you will need less to be affected and your sensitivity will be heightened accordingly. A day in the outdoors,especially a very sunny hot day, or even the opposite a very dry cold day will suck the water out of you very quickly, especially if there is much activity going on and your not replacing the lost water. Also i have tried all the known essential elements and vitamins that can help or lesson the affects of food sensitivities. Here are some and keep in mind any deficiency can affect the level of the sensitivity but these are the most looked at ones. B-12/B-6/molybdenum/vitamin D/vitamin C,A&K .and many more to mention that all seem to have some influence on food sensitivities, Im sure they do but none of them were noticeable differences.

I have noticed one deficiency that surely allowed me to see almost instant amazing life changing results and it was MAGNESIUM SULFATE!! ALTHOUGH ALL THE OTHER MAY HAVE SOME INFLUENCE, NONE IN MY CASE OR THE ONES I HAVE SEEN HAVE PLAYED A BIGGER ROLE IN DEALING WITH FOOD SENSITIVITIES. To further my curiosity i eliminated all the other supplements for one month but continued with only the magnesium sulfate. The winner by far and not even to compare the magnesium sulfate is the king at least in my case and the ones that i have seen. Even more so now from my reading from the specialist like Dr Rosemary Waring who has long before determined the Epsom salts to be the king jewel to helping & lowered the effects of food sensitivity.

The science is in to explain why sulfate is so vital in helping the body safely remove allergens like sulfates  sulfur dioxide,gluten, phenol's, amines and sals. Sulfate is a converted sulfur that is surrounded with 4 hydrogen atoms. These sulfates attach themselves like magnets to toxins such as we mentions and many more we didn't mention. Sulfates are like soldiers in the body ready to attach to these toxins rendering them harmless and escorting them through the bowels without causing damage along the way.

4 months of testing on and off with the Epsom salts and various foods and additives that would normally make me very ill, even causing anaphylactic shock on half a dozen occasions are no longer a threat to me. There appears to be no test in the united states available to check for sulfate deficiency. Europe does a blood plasma tests,and even one better a liver biopsy to check if the liver is making,or producing enough sulfate to allow the body to detox properly and deal with foreign antibodies. Remember test are not 100 percent reliable in most cases,but the body never lies. 

Remove the epsom salt baths and soaks and within days i will be vulnerable to getting very sick. If i try from only the foods that i know i can have without feeling ill. Add the Epsom salts back to my schedule of 4 tablespoons in a foot bath or body soak for 15-20 minutes 3 times a week and i can eat just about anything. It took me months to find the rite dosage. Everybody's deficiency will vary, Too little salt and you will not correct the deficiency and an to much and you may feel sick from the deficiency being filled so much that it begins detoxing and oxidizing that has been backed up in your system.

The problem is your body will be mobilizing these toxins rapidly then the body will be able to eliminate them. This means that the extra toxins can't eliminate and will get re circulated through your liver again and again causing damage each time it cycles. Water will be vital to the elimination  Most toxins will pass through the urine. Be sure if your detoxing that your are well hydrated and consult a Doctor or specialist, Read well into this process of correcting the deficiency. The Epsom salts has been nothing short of life changing for me. Im a certified nutritionist and also study functional medicine. I put a lot of research into this before i began my trials.

Warning do not overdue the Epsom salts and consult a specialist or read all you can till you completely understand the process. I over did the Epsom salts one day, i put the whole pint in thinking more is better  NO WAY!! In this case the rite amount to correct the deficiency is the amount you will need to maintain the deficiency safely. I started with just One table spoon in a bath, and worked my way to 4 tablespoons and that's were i will stay. It is the perfect desired amount without feeling anything but great. if your moody the next day you done too much. It is the reabsorbing of those toxins that make you feel crappy and moody.

November 21, 2012


I went to the hot springs in Costa rica and almost died. Was rushed back to the states and put in quarantine for 3 days as the doctors watched me slowly die from organ failure. It was an overdose of sulfate and i couldn't have come closer to dieing. It took 3 years to realize that it was the sulfur from the springs running down from the arenal volcano, So beware. i walked out of the hot springs and it looked like i been hit by jelly fish over my entire body, welts everywhere, it looked crazy, but it wasn't painful. but interestingly they put me in a glass room like the boy in
the bubble and called in every expert to see and not one doctor ever mention sulfur. I fought with them to go home.

I pulled through thank god. Just another mystery to the doctors that couldn't even begin to fathom what was wrong, I dont even drink Fiji water its overloaded with natural sulfur.
Hello Mike & Sarah

I'm so glad that we can continue sharing in this thread, thanks for the input and really great links. It seems that every time I focus on something being "the cause" then I can step back and see that something else causes this cause and ... I'm wondering if going back far enough what will we discover to be at the center of
it all? The original sin? :)

Thinking about it it is not so far fetched, since all the "progress" of the humanity is taking us away from being skin close to nature and upsetting the balance of our internal and external world.We should all go to Finland and soak in the hot springs (full of sulfates and minerals and such) .

Take good care folks, I'm sure I saw there were a few Dan-like docs in Florida, I just can't remember where I looked right now.
couple things i was thinking why the crazy reaction from the volcano springs,..yes an overdose reaction and the dieoff reaction overwhelmed the liver and was shutting down,because it was the liver that was the real main issue when my body was shutting down. also the springs were very hot and i was also breathing in a lot of the steam from the springs sulfur and or sulfates. and that would be the same as drinking it ,more powerful then soaking in it. Crazy stuff,no dr can agree to believe the connection. not big surprise. also horrible to say but for the next month going to the bathroom was horrible smells ,nothing i ever smelled before,except death,to be as close as possible. sorry for that,sharing all the madness.. and the chelation i used both, the pills dmsa and i used liquid chelation. i run my own toxic urine tests before during and after treatments to monitor whats coming out. the liquid was easy,just went once a week for an hour and they fill u up
SMELLS LIKE augh,horrible. the pills are very complicated and have to be timed ,and very dangerous.! very dangerous!! u dont want to get involved with the pills without a dr or specialist onboard,. but hey worked so well for me that after 2 weeks the inflammation in my brain and sinus cavity when down so much my ears popped and i havent rember being ever able to hear that well. didn't know the sounds i was missing. and talk about clarity,you can sit down and write a book. the inspiration from pathways opening,and dopomine being converted . u would think its a drug ,but its the opposite. it clears all the free radicvals and the mind is clear to work,its amazing and next month im starting again. my ears have been ringing and i can tell ive lost vision and sound again. forgot to tell you it clears the eyes as well..
Wow, Mike ... Do you think it was a detox reaction? Like in Epsom salt soaks, when folks dump in too much salt all at once and feel horrible for days after, but the springs would have an augmented effect? Do you think if you tried again slowly again it could help you , especially that the mercury is chelated already?
Regarding your liver tests, would that be the same- when they did the tests at that time the liver was overwhelmed by the toxins, but after chelation it returned to normal? What agent did you use to chelate?
In the link that you posted lots of times MSM was mentioned as a positive therapy - I was just reading in the autism groups that they see very exciting improvements using it!

Good luck Mike,

November 20, 2012


A friend of mine sent me an email with this video and i would like to show it to you.

I saw Dr. Clueless today!!!! Talk about close minded!

I showed Dr. Oscar Galvez my folder with documentation from 4 different doctors who are specialist and study sulafte deficiecny in autistic people and people with A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. It's documented already long ago i have ADD.  He read one line into the sulfate deficiency  and said this is bullshit!!!  Then he told me i need to stop playing doctor. Then i asked him if he ever even heard of sulfate deficiency. He said no,laughing at me!. He said i think you made this up. I insisted to him that he reads what the doctors say in the reports. He said if its from the internet its bullshit! I told him i access pub med from the internet,is that bullshit too! and i said these reports are from doctors not people writing about doctors. These are specialist who recognize and treat people with sulfate condition, but 3 of them are in london, and the other one Dr. Amy Yasko has a one year waiting list and she emailed me to get her cds and read her website forums. 

So i have done all this and i fully understand why im having problems processing thing,and why im retaining so much toxins because my body lacks the ability to detox properly. And that's whats causing the inflammation and the back up of these toxins and lets not forget the neurological effects. He laughed at me. I told him if hes not going to listen to me how is he ever going to understand whats going on. he said his tests show that there is nothing wrong with me at the moment. Then i asked why did i goto to the emergency room with failing liver.He said maybe the report was a mistake.

Can you believe this guy is a licensed doctor this is what i have been dealing with, Closed minded doctors who think they know it all. I told him he wasted my time,took my money,lots of money and laughed at me and insulted me because his pride was toyed with. The pupil teaching the doctor. 

If i wasn't playing my own doctor i would have been dead already! I feel sorry for the other people with the same conditions i share. Lucky for me i am my own doctor and im healing very nicely. The liver shuting down in the emergency room was surely from the cacao i ingested by accident that im so deadly allergic too. Whats to hard to believe about that. 

It wasn't the first time i was sent to this doctor from another doctor who ran every test out there and ackowledges that my liver nearly failed, but refuses to believe food sensitivities had anything to do with it. He laughed me out of his office as well. But not before he said it was probably sclerosis and had a liver biopsy pulled on me and it came back no sclerosis. Then he told me i had mono but i showed him why it couldn't be mono because of enzymes number that went up when they were suppose to go down. I said can u please make some sense. He said with his hands high in the air "Welcome to the world of medicine" and sent me to Dr. Oscar Galvez

He said one of my kidneys was very sick and my kidneys are very strong. Thank god i have done my resaearch and was able to make sense of it all, I thought it would be nice to have a doctor onboard to support me. but entertaining conventional medicine was not the least bit helpful. I totally get why i suffered for 40 years before i fixed myself. So people even if you pin it to the doctors head as i have it will have been a waste of time, unless you have more luck then i did with closed minded doctors who will not go outside of there limited medical books.
Update Update: 11/26/2012 From Michael Macaluso
Make strong note that Dr. Oscar Galvez said that there is no way possible for me to have ADHD and be having the the conversations and debates we were having as if 2 dr were conversing .No way possible he repeated that i have any signs of Adhd. He further stated that dr lefer whom i been seeing for the past 18 years is very wrong with my adhd diagnoses. Dr galvez is not qualified to make such a decision. It was clear to me that i would have to eat a mouth full of sulfates and food coloring and return to his office and allow him to see the affects the foods can have on my overall being. Its night and day, you would believe that i would be the same person. At best he would think that my stupor or intoxicated signs would be drugs. Interesting but he already thinks that im nuts and that would seal the deal for him. I dont think he would want to get involved in documenting or even begin to learn something new. But its easy for me to see. And dr lefer has well documented the serious mood altering that the toxic foods have on my body. Which i blame now on the sulfate deficiency to process and eliminate them as fast a they are coming in. And now 4 tablespoons in a foot soak for 15 minutes 3 times a week and i can eat almost anything without feeling the ill effects ,and or limit any reaction that i would have had if the sulfate deficiency wasn't corrected. Always i warn do NOT OVER DO THE EPSOM SALTS! and best taking in a bath ,better absorption throughout the entire body then depending just on your feet. any swelling of the hands and you had enough, drinks plenty of water before and after. dr rosemary warning has a sight that explains how to use. but i tried increasing and 4 tablespoons 3 times a week and my body's telling me this is the desired dosage for Michael. im 44 years of age and weigh 185 lbs. if i over do it i get pains in my legs and feel moody. But the magnesium sulfate has bee the life changer. Before i learned about the sulfate deficiency i already had the perfect diet,now i can bend my diet for occasional treats and not have to pay the piper. But i still always make the best choices available, always room for little desert now :). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Update: 11/26/2012 From Dr. Jay Leffer.
Hi Mike, Read Dr. J. Groopman's book, " How Doctors Think" to understand linear thinking. Your time with this Dr. reflects linear thinking. He will not be thinking abstractly.

Update: 11/26/2012 From Dr. Amy Yasko.
"Hi Mike, I donate my time and put all of my information online at no charge as the waiting list to work with people individually in my private practice got too long. So...the idea is that you or your clients can access the book online for no charge, the workbook online no charge, all of the DVDs from conferences online no charge. I also answer questions on the chat group and all the answers I have previously given are archived so you can search them. So, your clients continue to work with you but you help them to implement the program. This way they pay you a consulting fee and they dont need to pay twice as they dont pay me. I give a conference once a year and there is always a practitioners session on the first night. This year the conference is the weekend of Sept 21 in Maine. There is limited attendance as I like to have an intimate setting where everyone can talk to me and ask questions and connect but I think there might be a few openings left. I will be reposting the direct links for all of those resources in a single post in the next day or so. In the meantime if you scroll through older posts on the page you will find the links for the book, workbook, DVDs, chat group, articles etc. Thank you for writing and I hope this program is able to help you and your clients!! With love and hope, Dr.Amy"

November 13, 2012


Do you have celiac disease? 97 percent of people with celiac don't know they have it and most doctors will fail to diagnose the disease and just treat all the side affects with drugs. An average child with celiac disease can visit 10 pediatricians before being correctly diagnosed. And how many parents are going to visit close to a dozen different pediatricians? Most will not be diagnosed and carry the disease into adulthood causing fatigue, inflammation, diseases & cancers. 

This happens when gluten does not get attached to sulfates rendering them harmless as they pass through your system. Damage occurs in the lower intestine,often just placing your hand over the lower intestine area and pressing slightly you will feel the discomfort from the inflammation of the intestines. The gluten not only burn away the little villa like hairs in the lower intestine that your body needs to absorb nutrients, it also burns away your 7 layers of protecting along the lining of the intestine. After the 7 layers are gone, toxins that normally would pass through with the stool will actually permeate the weakens lining and find its way back into your system. 

These foreign debris that were never meant to go into your system cause sever damage throughout the entire 
body. Causing inflammation of all your organs, especially the liver gets the blunt of it all. Its job is to handle toxins,but these are toxins that its not designed to deal with. These toxins that get hung up in the organs with no place to go cause damage to tissue and cells and eventually can cause disease,cancers and death from organ failure. 

Most people are not aware of another area of the body that also takes a direct hit from the undigested gluten roaming around the body as free radicals. Well the gluten will also ( PERMEATE THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER).Once the blood brain barrier has been warn and permeated the brain has lost its protection from toxins. So when gluten and other toxins are now able to circulate freely to the brain swelling, inflammation will begin. Now starts the neurological issues. It is compared exactly to taking opiates. You are basically intoxicated and can expect hallucinations, paranoia, depression, brain fog,loss of focus and desire,and the list goes on

The inflammation of the brain will also cause a loss of blood and oxygen supply. It will lose its ability to remove the toxins that have invaded it,and also will not be able to supply the brain with vital nutrients it needs to function and repair itself. You may notice some ringing in the ears,loss of hearing,loss of taste and smell, but you wouldn't have a clue because it will happen so slowly you may attribute it to aging. Its not until you have corrected the problem that your hearing, taste, and smell return til you know how bad it was. Look for the symptoms.Remember after you eat the only thing you should feel is satisfied and content, anything else is your body telling you something is wrong. some signs to look for typically with celiac and gluten issues are= bloating 
this is usually the number one sign to look for in celiac or gluten sensitive people. Also chronic diarrhea and  chronic constipation. 

Why so 2 completely different affects. The body is choosing what it wants to do with the foreign matter not to deal with it. So diarrhea is a way of quickly ejecting the gluten and passing it quickly not to give it a chance to sit and do damage. Otherwise the opposite is constipation as the body tries to avoid it from passing through the system to avoid damage, it will try to hold it back and flush it with acids in desperate attempt to break the gluten down. Not sure which is worse!! Both both ways are hell on your body causing all kinds of damage. then you have fatigue and irritability. Your body is working overtime to deal with the toxins and its damage, and without the removal of the gluten things will continue to get worse, eventually disease and early death,and suffering to that last day. you cant beat the gluten, so trying to tough it out is a poor stupid choice. Learn what gluten is so you can avoid it and begin your road to recovery and get your body and mind back and clear the brain fog and constant bellyaching and all the hell that goes with it. 

If you don't want the task of educating and fixing yourself,start calling doctors that specialize in diagnosing and treating celiac disease. Your miserable and sick and you need help. Find a doctor who listens and understands your complaints. Good luck and get well, lets see the improved you and the person you were meant to be. you were not meant to suffer,your suffering because your doctor is not listening to your complaints or they are clueless to recognize what those real complaints mean.


More then 60 percent of people have food sensitivities that are robbing them of a healthy body and mind. More then 90 percent of these people inflicted with food sensitivities have no clue nor are able to connect there issues to food. Less then one percent of Dr. have a clue as to what to look for or how to identify a food related illness.

Dr. Mark Hyman is a well known pioneer for his work on recognizing the power of food and its affects on the body. He looks into each persons bioindividualty,and biochemistry and realizes we are absolutely not created equal. What may be healthy for one person may make another person sick.

Dr, Mark Hyman exhausted the entire medical field that he grew up in and is part of and nearly died from food sensitivities. Not to mention the decades of hell he experienced from the side affects of food sensitivities. He eventually recognized through his own trial and error that it was foods and food additives that were killing him. But more noted should be the fact that if he left it to conventional medicine that it was a death sentence and would suffer til his last day.

He recognized that's its all about the food and drugs and surgery's were morally wrong once he saw the answers was simple. You ate yourself into sickness and you must eat your way out of it. There are Dr. out there who have come to there moral senses for one reason or another and are studying what Dr. Mark Hyman learned first hand, The Program is called  (FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE). He also has his own awareness center in Massachusetts, lucky for the people who live close by.

Anyhow after the dr use this program they are able to cure so many chronic illnesses that they were treating for years with drugs making no headway, In just weeks of applying these new methods they are seeing about 75 percent of there patients with chronic illnesses begin to greatly reside and eventually go away. So does your Dr. have a clue about food sensitivities, or are you getting the drugs and surgery's. Look into  a funtional medicine doctor or a nutritionist who knows the good and bad affects foods can have on your body and mind.

Radical mood altering additives!! from pleasant to dangerous in minutes!!

Anybody with a label, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Chemical Imbalance, Enzyme Deficient, Bipolar, Depression & Autism these additives can set you on fire! So if your fine one moment and the next moment the dark side of you comes out you need to check what you have ingested and look for these culprits. Good luck. If your in law enforcement you have to wonder how many people flew off the edge because of something they ingested and it may not always have been a street drug, But actually chemicals supplied by the food manufactures.
They are worse then drug dealers, because our governments supports them and this practice of making people sick.

102 tartrazine
104 quinoline yellow
107 yellow 2g
110 sunset yellow
122 azorubine, carmoisine
123 amaranth
124 ponceau, brilliant scarlet
127 erythrosine
128 red 2 g
129 allura red
132 indigotine, indigo carmine
133 brilliant blue
142 green S, food green,acid brilliant green
151 brilliant black
155 brown, chocolate brown

200-203 sorbic acid, potassium and calcium sorbates
210-213 benzoic acid, sodium, potassium and calcium benzoates
220-228 sulfur dioxide, all sulphites,bisulphites,metabisulphites
249-252 all nitrates and nitrites
280-283 propionic acid, sodium,potassium and calcium propionates

319-321 TBHQ,BHA butylated hydroxyanisole,BHT butylated hydroxytoluene

620-625 glutamic acid and all glutamates,MSG,monosodium glutamate
627 disodium guaanylate
631 disodium inosinate
635 ribonucleotides
yeast extract,hvp,hpp hydrolysed vegetable or plant protein

Liver biopsy=for food sensitivies lol,another closed minded doctors

My Gi and liver specialist that i been entertaining lets call it from a conventional way at looking at things. They had my do a liver biopsy,they were sure i had sclerosis, and some other liver damage causing my food sensitivities and food alergys. They sure were embarrassed by the results. Healthy liver.

Now they are reading the documentation i supplied them with from my other doctors. Dr Amy Yasko, Dr. Rosemary Waring and Dr. Mark Hyman. Don't leave Mark Hyman out when it comes to food sensitivities. Here is a doctor who nearly died from food sensitivities and lived 30 years of suffering hell with no help from conventional meds. Eventually through his life long self study that it was all about the food.

The power of the food to kill and heal. All about each ones bioindividuality and tolerances. What may be healthy to one person may make another person sick. He knows what signs to look for because he has lived with this his whole life. The best Dr is the one with hands on experience.He is called a functional
medicine Dr. and has created a wellness program. He is the top pioneer in changing the way we practice medicine in the USA.

Look into the root causes and you will find food is at the root of most chronic diseases,and we are not talking about fat and calories. We are talking about food that we are ingesting that we think are good for us are actually hurting and killing us slowly,and robbing you of a healhty body and mind.His work is spreading quickly as the results speak for themselves. You can find some of his videos on Dr. Mark Hyman press and media.

Here is a link to the above

November 10, 2012

Food sensitivity and allergy testing= 60 percent of people have them

Unfortunately there are not many reliable tests in the usa for testing food sensitivities or allergys. When i suspect a food or beverage sensitivity i depend on my body to talk to me. The body doesn't lie, you just need know how to read it,and its very simple . If you suspect Gluten, Sulfites, milk, phenols,amines.whatever you may suspect that is not agreeing with you,or just just trying the most obvious ones,like gluten, milk, and sulfites..So lets choose gluten for example. learn all you can about gluten and gluten byproducts,basically everything made with wheat, barely rye,and oats. Also most sauces have gluten in them as well. So game plan goes like this. For 2 weeks you completely eliminate gluten from your diet.

 At this point you will probably already be getting a lot of info and already begin to start making sense of your issue. So 2 weeks clear of gluten and now the next day following the clean diet for the 2 weeks you will reintroduce gluten in all your meals,an have good portions. continue eating gluten with each meal until and if there is a ill reaction that's very obvious then stop to advoid feeling any worse. make note of how you felt physically and also very important take note of how it affected you mentally.

Most people are not aware that after you eat the only thing you suppose to feel is satisfied and content. anything other is a bad reaction,examples. bloating, tired, hyper, have to run to the bathroom,headache,severe mood swing,depressed feelings, pains in there hands,feet,ankles,brain fog or loss of focus,the list goes on,.any of these are a bad reaction .elimination a known food irritant is life changing and you should feel so much better mentally and physically. At that point when you have eliminated a known irritant and your feeling so much better,BUT not excactly 100 percent. then theres good reason to believe that there are more then one irritant that is causing you issues. So you repeat the test again eliminating the next culprit or culprits that you believe may be causing you harm. most often if someone has a known sensitivity or allergy to one type of allergen most often there are several irritants, and in time repeating these tests you can safe;ly eliminate all your sensitivities and allergys and start feeling the way you should,and stop being cheated of a happy healthy life.

November 5, 2012

FLU SHOT=Toxic cocktail


 I am a certified Holistic Health coach. Also have true allergy to sulfites, life threatening, not just a simple sensitivity to sulfites. Sensitivity and true allergy are completely different, however a sensitivity can turn to true allergy. How familiar am i with sulfites? I been living with the condition for all my life and have experienced dozens of side affects from sulfite exposure and accumulation. One word for you, INFLAMMATION!!! THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE BODY. Long term exposure to inflammation will cause damage,and eventually disease.

I have visited more then 150 doctors over the years, with inflammation of all my organs. But not one dr was able to make sense of the organ they were testing me for ,never mind piecing it all together,which they would never because they don’t look at the body as a whole, just a section that they study. Eventually i found just one dr who actually did some study on sulfites and there reactions. Dr Russel Cancellari Southampton New York. He said i was very lucky to live in New York because hes the only dr who would even begin to make any sense of the sulfite condition. He told me in medical school they dont teach about sulfites,there affects or even what side affects to look for. And so he help me identify and prove my true sulfite allergy and why i was having anaphylactic shocks. But even after this he told me he knows of no treatment and that i would have to help myself by learning what sulfites are so that i would know how to avoid them. Very scary for the sick state of mind i was in to basically have to save myself from another life threatening shock ! He didn't forecast much hope for me, death was soon to follow. He told me people with this condition usually die young and suffer to the last day.

So 5 years later, here i am feeling and looking better then i did when i was 25 at the age of 44. All my suffering life i never knew you could feel this great!! I have cured a lifetime of documented chronic depression since a child. No more headaches,not tired or lethargic,no mood swings. Inflammation throughout my entire body gone. Used to see a chiropractor twice a week for 9 years to relieve some of the pressure . I haven’t seen i chiropractor in 4 years. I was taking several meds from the Dr over the years for depression, for sleep, don’t need any drugs anymore. I’m enrolled at the miller school of medicine studying Functional Medicine, and i am already certified now from IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach. I’ve done and still doing all this for better understanding of the affects of sulfites on the body so that i can fix myself, and make sense of the 40 years of hell that i suffered from over 50 mysterious health issues. I’m tied into forums around the world and have read every available piece of data out there on sulfites combined with my own life experiences,and trial and errors as i played my own Guinea Pig. I am fixed !

I know what sulfites are, how the food manufactures will trick you and take full advantage of the poor system that was designed to help you. and they sure have a lot of tricks,. And best believe that if they are allowed to have up to a certain amount of sulfite or toxin that that use that bar all the way and push the crap in there all they can to prevent food and dollar loss. Its all about the dollar, not about your health. And its a continuing. learning .evolving process. Every day i look for any updates and latest news on preservatives=sulfites.. i wont miss a beat because if i do my body will tell me rite away and i will uncover the new culprit of a sulfite that found its way into my body. So yes i know a thing or two about sulfites, i live with the condition everyday and study it, who would know more then somebody who has it and studies it,.That would make any Dr jealous. And now helping others. Who’s next? Let me help you make sense of all the madness. I know all about it, come get your respect , acknowledgment and understanding of what it is that’s robbing you of a healthy mind and body.