December 13, 2012


Blood and urine test are available and very unreliable. You may test negative one day and positive another day.They are more of a reference or guide to suspected food allergens. When it comes to testing the body does not lie. So let it tell you if there's an allergen or not. We do this with elimination diets. 

One ABC method of testing is very simple. Take the suspected food or foods and completely eliminate them 100 percent from your diet for just one week. It must be at least 7 days because on the second and third day you may even feel worse from withdrawals of the food allergens or toxins (We can safely call them toxins if you cant process them properly). Anything that your body cant process properly is toxic to your body and will cause little to extreme damage (From rashes to death). I would recommend doing the elimination diet this way. I would take any suspected food allergens and also the top 7-8 known food allergens and be sure non of these are byproducts in other foods that you may be eating. It must be eliminated 100 percent to get the results you seek weather it bothers your system or not. So after 7 days of completely eliminating these suspected food allergens you may on the 8th day beginning first thing that morning choose just one of the suspected foods and have a healthy serving,and continue eating healthy serving for the next 2 days.If there are no signs of irritation, constipation, bloating, headaches, brain fog or feeling sluggish or moody then on the third morning you may move on to the next food item that you wish to have in your diet and repeat part one. Eats lots of it for 2 days and on the third morning if you wake feeling fine then on to the next food source. You can repeat this process until you find a bad reaction. 

Food allergens can give you a response within minutes of ingesting them and up to 2 days from accumulative affects of what the body can process properly. If you feel sick or uncomfortable immediately stop and leave out that food source. You may try it again at the end of the list. If it makes you so sick you may have to wait 3-4 days till you can try the next food source. If your feeling great but still notice a little discomfort after eating or any signs of I.B.S. or bloating then you may repeat the test and include new other top known food allergens and repeat the same process. 

If a food for sure gives you a bad reaction then most likely it will need to eliminate it permanently from your diets. Here are some of the top food allergens, MILK, WHEAT, GLUTEN, PEANUTS, SHELLFISH, EGGS, SOY, SESAME, TREE NUTS, FISH AND CELERY. These will cover most of your allergy sufferers. There are hundreds of known food allergens but the rest are more rare and if necessary we will take you through them all. Even food coloring and flavoring like caramel and sweetners. In most cases if one has a food sensitivity its most likely he or she will have others. Refer to Feingold elimination diets for more information. His is the most extensive of them all. They will include things you never even new existed like phenols, amines and salicylates and dyes. 

So the body does not lie. If you eliminate something and you feel better then reintroduce that item and feel sick again its a no brainer people. Listen to your body and you may also be able to eliminate some doctors!


Weather your going fishing, shopping  or looking for a spouse on a Saturday night. If you attempted any of these things and came back empty handed and you were angry and greatly disappointed then your focus on your target has kept you from enjoying the journey to get there. 

The prize can be very rewarding. But without the prize how quick we are to say that is was a horrible waste of a time coming back empty handed. Mad at yourself and probably anyone who was with you on your journey. If you caught a big fish, found a beautiful dress or a formidable spouse then you would quickly say "It was a great day. I had an awesome time and cant wait to do it again" And you will probably be overly happy for days to come and it will show. 

Now take the prize away and the whole day was a horrible waste of time leaving you in a rotten mood for even more days to come and it will show on your expression and mood. The journey to get things is 95% of your time and if the entire journey depends on the outcome then there will be much disappointment

More important is the 95 % of your time. Depending on the target prize. If you are to be happy, and have enjoyment you must smell the flowers along the way if i can say it like that. Enjoy the Journey, find ways to make each step of that journey fun and memorable, prepare yourself for every step of good things to come don't be so closed minded and so focused on the target. Kinda like the race horses who are fitted with goggles that only allows them to see whats directly in front of them so they miss everything else. 

You have the choice to go through life wearing goggles that only let you focus and see whats in front of you, (The target) So much is missed along the way. Its fine to have a target and a goal for the day but its not been an inspiring day if the entire day depends on your catch. The catch should be the cherry on the pie and the pie is the journey to get there. It should be sweet and enjoyable and something to share with others. Try not to miss out on the life's great journey and wear horse goggles that limit all life has to offer. When the cherry comes it will taste even better with the pie..

Primary foods

Primary foods are not actually a food at all,but they feed and influence the body as well. Primary foods are your environment and all that surrounds you and has an affect on your mind and body. To name a few then i will explain more of there effects. No matter how healthy you eat, natural antioxidants , no processed foods,plenty of water, anti inflammatory foods, well balanced meals and even some supplements to seal the deal that the body is getting all it needs to be healthy and heal and grow without any worry to diseases, cancer,heart attacks,or diabetes. One who eat like this can expect to live long healthy happy life.

Now back to primary foods and how they can rob you of a long healthy happy life, rather then a short miserable one of possible suffering to your last dying day. So what are primary foods.

1 Your home:
Is it a clean sanitary happy environment. 

2 Your relationship:
Do you have many good relationships with people who's company inspires you, makes you feel good about yourself, compliment you on the good things your doing, and sharing good healthy story's for all to enjoy. Are they there when you need a friend. Are they around when you need support or help. 

3 Your spouse or significant other:
Do you have one and do you lift each other up,compliment each other at every opportunity? does the other think about you when your not around by preparing something that you will need when you arrive home? Do they inspire you to be a better person? Do they inspire you to grow and excel at whatever it is you like to do. Do they find and bring out all the good in you? Can you depend on them? Do you compliment each other at every chance? Does your spouse make you feel comfortable when your together? Are you more content when you spouse is around? Is there glass of life half empty or is it half full? Are you comfortable when your spouse or other is out or away? Does your spouse tell you they love you every new day? Does your spouse ever bring you a gift or card even when its not a holiday or birthday? Does your spouse share your dreams and wishes. If you spent 24 hours in one big room with only food and nothing else (No T.V.,Radio,Phones or any outside means of communication) only a big couch and blanket in the room. Would the 24 hours alone be bonding and sharing and loving time of snuggling and time to reflect all that you already shared or will you be at each other throats and clawing the walls to get away fro each other? 

4 Your job:
Is it a healthy clean environment? Do you look forward to going to work? Do you enjoy the work you do? Do you get along with your co-workers? Do you like your schedule? Is it easy to get to work ? Do you get enjoyment or pleasure from the work you do? Are you appreciated for the work that you do? Do they pay you enough for the work you do? Do coworkers help you when they can? Do your coworkers inspire you to excel? Do your co workers make you feel like part of the team? 

5. Hobbies:
Do you have a hobby or hobbies that you really enjoy? Hobbies that tilt your mind to inspire improvements and think of better ways to do things. Does your hobby allow room for growth and inspiration? Does your hobby bring you some satisfaction and or inspiration and joy? Do you improve and grow with your hobby skills?

All this like toxic foods can alter the face of your genes and create illnesses, heart attack, stress & a poor metabolism, poor detoxing, sickness, depression and doubt. All this is a huge tax or burden on the body and it absolutely affects your body and mind. And theres no foood in the world that will fix this, good foods will help or mask the full affects but in time stress will win and you will get sick, depressed, and loose all inspiration and your glass will always be half empty.

Verbal rejection can put you down and can be like little daggers digging at you. All the best foods in the world wont protect your body from the stress it gets from poor primary foods. If your diet is in perfect order and sync and your still not feeling well then your primary foods may be ruling you. All the sickness and depression may be attached to feeling down for long periods of time. Being down or depressed for too long can have serious repercussions on your body. The way its suppose to function is in a healthy environment and the mindful affects can be devastation and damaging to the cells.

December 9, 2012


If you know you have food sensitivities then you are trying to learn how to avoid them, then you are a pioneer.Its a learning and ever evolving process.And you need an open mind for information can change providing new data and studies that can clarify a reason for an issue. Food sensitivities can come from an array of foods and additives. 

Its estimated up to 70 percent of the population can have a food intolerance and 90 percent have no clue and less then one percent of the doctors can recognize,diagnose or even begin to treat. I have food allergens and intolerances and i have visited over 100 doctors over the past 20 years to get help for all my mysterious health problems starting from inflammation to brain fog, depression, mood swings, insomnia, bloating, ibs and not a single doctor was able to even come close to identifying the cause of all the side affects they were treating with drugs and surgery's.

Even after me figuring them out and presenting them with documentation that supports my finding clearly. Even with documentation at hand they don't have a clue nor seem interested to learn about it. So if you have food sensitivities and are obviously helping yourself you are a pioneer, welcome aboard the journey is exciting . Its knowledge with trials and errors to isolate our biochemistry of what foods will help you thrive and not hold you back and make you sick. There is no fixed menus to serve up, all references to guide you alone your one persons journey about your bioindividuality and what floats or sinks your boat .
Ones persons food is another persons poison, poison that you can feel instantly after ingesting it or may be chip away at your slowly, and in time or at times will show the damage you have cured. I look all around me and i see friends and even whole family's that are unknowingly suffering from food sensitivities and it absolutely keeping them from being all they can be,and also causing them pain and discomfort. People whom i know or have grown up with so knowing there issues then and the foods they ate and the problems they having after all those years un diagnosed or treated is just amazingly insane. Big praise for functional medicine doctors who know this or are studying this new way of treated people looking at the food at the culprits and the cure. 

These are the super doctors because they cure and help control issues and diseases without drugs and surgery's without hurting people in the process of practicing medicine using drugs and a knife. Getting to the root causes of the problems and not just masking the side affects with drugs that cause other issues. Well thank good fore the Internet to allow us to obtain old and new data as it comes,and allow us to share with each other on what we know and have tried. Allows up to get much needed confirmation that keeps us focused and not to quickly get lost in mainstream thinking. Its important we who suffer from food sensitivities can communicate, share and make others aware of there unknown sufferings that there drs don't recognize. People suffering from these foods sensitivities and then they have to be drugged up,robbing them even further of being and feeling overall well.

Bill Clinton is a huge supporter of functional medicine and bill is in a great position now to bring this program to a head which is in the process.Bill wasn't sold on the program from a meeting or something he read. He was treated by functional medicine doctors after conventional methods failed him grossly and got great results with the new doctors and it made sense to Bill as hes taking a seat of continuing learning and being part of the functional medicine movement. Movement that can save trillions of debt in the health care and get people functioning and not drugged up and unproductive. And a great political move to be the one to bring this program to light by getting the doctors educated and allowing the health care to pay for treatment using this process and fixing the people ,rather then just forever change drugs and forever see the patients overall being get worse, rather then fix or control with the diet.

The new functional medicine approach works big time, and its growing fast as well,so pioneers soon will be leaders of knowledge as all more comes to light and people become aware of there food sensitivities and how life changing it can be physically and mentally.

December 4, 2012

Epsom salts continuing testing and correct amounts

So with my many food and chemical
intolerance this has brought me eventually to
supplementing with Epsom salts(Magnesium Sulfate). I have been doing the 4 tablespoons in a bucket of water about 2 inches deep for 15 minutes 3 times a week.

 I noticed a huge difference in my intolerance's  I been even able to eat out if i pick carefully. i tried the soaks everyday and for sure the negative uncomfortable effects told me its too much, well how to know when is too little?

So this week i skipped 4 days of soaking and ate out that night the same foods i had been eating and got very sick, I had some tuna sashami plain,and cooked beef, for sure the sulfates in the sashami and there was some scallion on the tuna that i shouldn't had but pushed it to see how far i can go and i went to far.

So what this has told me is that every other day the 15 minutes and the 4 tablespoons is my perfect routine to replace the sulfate deficiency of course the more i abuse the more the body will use up the sulfate supply.
You cant over do it because dealing with too much die-off will just sicken you, of course everyone will be different. It has taken me 4 months of trial and error before i could dial in the proper amount for my body.
Going to run a toxic urine test before and after using the Epsom salts and see what else its detoxing. Also i like to make a strong note how quickly my bellyaching and bloating was soothed just within 2 hours of my last magnesium sulfate soak.
Amazing how the Epsom salts can play u huge role in my food sensitivities and chemical sensitivities. I just keep getting more reassurance.

Poland Spring Water

Poland Springs delivers distilled water to your house. First delivery came Wednesday. Since I began drinking distilled water three weeks ago, my sugar is lower and thyroid under control at last. Here's why.

"Paul Brinkman became interested in distilled water since he was concerned about his diabetic condition. Imagine his surprise when he checked out sugar free. It likewise surprised his doctor. According to any edition of Merck’s Manual, the exact cause of diabetes is not known. The cause lies in the inadequate production of insulin by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans. The cells are alive; it is just that they do not function. My inspiring teacher, Dr. Landone, stated that the mineral deposits enclosed the cells with a mineral film so they are unable to function.

"According to Dr. Landone, ‘Hard water seals each cell with a film, so oxygen cannot reach the imprisoned cells. Nature then develops new cells that thrive on less oxygen. These cells are called cancer cells. Distilled water often frees the imprisoned cells and allows the oxygen to reach the cells.’

"Dr. Landone stated emphatically that anyone drinking distilled water exclusively would eventually return to normal weight. The reason: hard water film imprisons the cells so tissues become water-logged. Retention of fluid is the chief cause of obesity. Distilled water again breaks the cell barrier and the body weight returns to normal. Dr. Landone kept his weight perfect throughout his 98 years. Weight watchers will lose weight, regardless of present diet, if they will include from 4 to 6 glasses of distilled water a half hour before each meal. It works wonders. Why not try it!

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