December 9, 2013

Leaky gut not celiac

Being diagnosed with leaky gut and not celiac which is very similar as far as the damage of the breached or permeated intestines. What is interesting is the treatment for the most part is the same. I did show on my test that i had a gluten intolerance,so it must be avoided. My test on foods did show i am intolerant to potatoes, corn, oatmeal, eggs, quinoa & rice. I cant eat most nearly all fruits but pears which are low in the salicylates. Salicylatesare are the natural plant toxins produced by fruits to protect themselves from bacteria.

So any and all of these intolerance's are enough to cause damaging inflammation of the intestines that eventually wears away the protective layer of the intestines allowing the breach of undigested foods to find there way back into your system causing the body to produce antibody's. This over production of antibody's for extended periods of time will cause further damage to your organs, especially the liver which would be receiving the blunt of the damage. The liver job of course is to deal with toxins and foreign matter that finds its way into our systems.Interestingly enough it wasn't processed foods that caused my leaky gut (because i rarely eat processed foods). The damage came from pure whole foods.

Foods that are not processed, but i unknowingly was intolerant to many pure whole foods that my body couldn't process properly and thus several autoimmune diseases later here i am. And the damage to my organs and intestines is severe. Enough to send me to the emergency room with liver and kidney failure 8 times over the past 3 years. But just one month without these foods and i know i wont ever be going back to that emergency room for the same reason.

It has taken a lifetime to finally get this important diagnoses. Life is about to get a whole lot better. It took 2 functional medical doctors to get the same results. Doctors who only take the necessary courses and nothing beyond or after medical school would and could not know the signs to look for, So if you think you may have leaky gut or celiac you will need to find an alternative, holistic or functional medicine doctor. Also one experienced with leaky gut and celiac. there are these kind of doctor who don't know about leaky gut and celiac. So call and ask ahead of time so you dont waste your time with another doctor inexperienced with the problems you are having and get shrugged away or brush aside from the ill affects and discomforts you are experiencing from leaky gut or celiac.

October 13, 2013

Why its important to catch celiac disease ASAP

You want to catch celiac as soon as possible because you may slowly but surely loose all your favorite foods, turning them into food intolerance's. It happens like this. When you have celiac your lining in the small intestines have been compromised.Not only are they not able to properly absorb nutrients do to the damage of the little villi that line the small intestines that's job is to pull nutrients in. But more damaging then creating deficiencies is allowing the protective barrier broken and allowing some small amounts of undigested foods to leach into your system in this way which should not occur. But when it does the body will see the undigested food as a foreign matter and create antibody's to attack it.

So now the food intolerance comes the next time you eat that food the body remembers registering that food as a foreign matter and creates antibody's to attack it again.and forever that food can stay intolerant to your body's ability to use it in any way,only to tax the body to try to deal with the foreign matter. And this can continue with other foods, and the larger the serving the more likely some of your favorites foods that you heavily indulge in will get permeated through the small intestine this way. And what hell and damage is does to your liver each time this happens.In many cases eventually causing auto immune disease of the liver.

September 18, 2013


For those that do not know what FSANZ is it is the Food Standards Australia New Zealand and their site is located here

HELP F.S.A.N.Z.!! Save the Americans from eating themselves sick. Forget the drug cartels, at least what there serving up we all know isn't good for you. But food is a necessity for life and the food cartels are seeing to it that we are addicted to there chemicals. These food cartels know the system run by the F.D.A. is flawed and designed to allow the American people to be sick with chronic illnesses, dying of an early death and suffering to there last day without even a clue to the fact that food they thought was good for them is actually hurting them mentally and physically. This is causing themselves and the people around them much grief and unnecessary sufferings.

IF WE HAD F.S.A.N.Z. OPERATING IN THE USA,THEN WE WOULD BE A GREAT THRIVING HEALTHY PLACE,AND HEALTHCARE WOULDNT EVEN BE AN ISSUE. People would be aware, and get well or not get sick at all. We are rated number 53 in terms of where we stand in health of the world, don't say much for a leading world power.

We need to take a closer look at Australia and New Zealand and be a healthy world power, otherwise all that money will just keep making the drug companies richer and the people sicker. Food cartels in the U.S.A are worse then the tobacco companies, cigarettes are a bad choice everyone knows, but food is a necessity of life, shame on you guys for all the people unknowingly suffering, but you guys know all about it .just because you have gotten away with it doesn't mean you wont pay in the long run. Just like the tobacco companies your days are counting down as the people get wiser.

My Letter to the Australian Government of food standards.

I am a certified holistic nutritionist living in Miami Florida. I totally get about all the food intolerances, I live with most near all of them. so many people in the United States are suffering mentally and physically unknowingly to the fact that it is from the foods they eat daily. I share all I can with people.

But in the United Stated the doctors are not aware or educated about food intolerances, and so many are just miss diagnoses, millions for sure. But the Australian people and New Zealanders totally get it. Lucky you guys, while the rest of us eat ourselves to death, and suffer to our last dyeing day with out a clue as to why! at the least its very sad. SAD like our standard American diet.

Any response will be posted to this thread.

Food Intolerance Network

Great Blog/Site run by Sue Dengate. Please visit her page.

Link is here

September 2, 2013


So living in the USA with food intolerance's can be a very lonely experience. Unfortunately in the USA in med school they don't teach about food intolerance or what signs to look for or how to treat them. In other country's like Australia who are and have been very familiar with the ill effects eating can have on your body, if it cant tolerate something. Well that's all about to change! in 2013 the Miller school of medicine excepted the functional medicine program at the Miami university, Miller school of medicine. Lucky me i had the honor and privilege to be part of the one year program. Yes i realized it was so hard to find a Doctor (I never did) to help me with all my intolerance's. I realized if i ever would find a Doctor  that these specialist would come from the functional med program. So i took the big step to learn it all for myself,and its been nothing short of enlighten and very exciting to take it all in.

I learned with 200 doctors alongside me who have taken it upon themselves to further educate themselves and open there minds to new ideas that surely will help there patients as a result of the new awareness and understanding what they obtained from these programs. The program is just exploding with Medical Doctors and specialist eager to learn how to recognize the red flags that they been missing all along. Especially the chronic ill patients that never really seems to get better can suddenly be fixed by altering the diet! No drugs!

Using food to fix and cure the situation. The results are fast and the chronic ill patients are no longer sick or unknowingly suffering because of a simple food intolerance that there doctors never could recognize. For the most part the program is all about the food! I also just got certified as a holistic nutritionist and it was just the best complement to the functional medicine program. I wasn't the only one who went for the nutrition course.

Many of the doctors in the program quickly realized that a nutrition education on food was necessary to complete the package, and have a complete, full understanding that food can have excellent benefits if you can process them but if you cant that food becomes poison to your body and can have severe neurological and physical affects to the body. Long term exposure can cause permanent damage.

So i praise these doctors who have decided to open there minds and color the grey area that has been completely overlooked. Too many people in this country are suffering unknowingly with food intolerance's. 90% or better of these people will die just that way of an early death and suffer to the last day. Its very sad. But 3 cheers for the functional medical doctors and 3 more cheers for the university of Miami Miller school of medicine.

May 6, 2013


Is fruit good for you?

Can fruit be toxic to some people?


You see fruit could be good for you if you can tolerate it. But for a lot of people, especially nearly all people with the A.D.D. labels show it can be very toxic and harmful to there bodys. These people and others have a lack of the enzyme to process the natural plant toxin called Salicylates.

Salicylates protects the plant from from environmental threats of Molds, fungus & bacteria's. It also helps it from being eaten before it has ripened assuring the next generation with seeds. Inability to be able to process the salicylates can cause an array of physical and mental anguish. So how do you know if you have a sals intolerance.

A Salicylate food challenge would be your best bet at getting results. Unfortunately there is no blood test your dr can run. So it would be up to you to take the challenge. But there should be reasons for you to go down this road and do your own testing over several weeks

If your already sensitive to chemicals and show signs of A.D.D. & A.D.H.D. you will notice that after you ingest some fruits your mood changes and you get very hyperactive. Bouncing all over the place. Also using the bathroom more than usual with a general discomfort in the gut.

With my Salicylate intolerance i found that pears are the only fruit i can tolerate. Also to know that levels of sals changes as the fruit ripens. So when the fruit is not ready, unriped fruit has a very high level ,as it ripens the levels will gradually deminish.

The problem with buying fruit from the market is that all the fruits are picked before they ripen and finish the natural process of ripening and lowering the sals levels. So with that said the food industry has to pick fruit prior to ripening so that its not rotten when it gets to market,and that's the biggest factor with market food. its picked before the natural process takes place and it locks in the salicylates. If you grew your own and ate the fruit when it was ripe and ready to fall from the vines or tree the reaction would be much much less and in some cases no reaction at all. Or low enough to be able to tolerate a minimum amount of the fruit.

Interesting to note that in Europe where the Mediterranean  diet comes from. A very high diet in fruit shows that 1 in 5 people have or have developed the signs and traits of A.D.D. & A.D.H.D.

More Information here

March 13, 2013

Super Gluten foods

Here is a site I came across and wanted to share with my reader that outlines food with the highest Gluten content.

Foods superhigh in Guten

I have not met a Latin American who is not gluten intolerant. Most are beyond just gluten sensitive they have celiac disease or other signs of damage from improper gluten breakdown. Mood alteration and belly bloating are the usual signs. Ingest gluten and your belly will bloat and it fills with gas and inflammation with the usual feeling of slowing down and or feeling lethargic. 

How does one test?  Well it's easy enough. Do an elimination diet for 2 weeks. Learn what gluten is so one knows how to avoid it. Leave it out of your diet for 2 weeks then after the 2 weeks eat gluten for 2 days or stop as soon as there is a noticeable discomfort from reintroducing the gluten.  Before the 2 weeks is up you will probably already know if there is a huge change in how you feel mentally and physically. You will probably not have to continue the challenge where you ingest the gluten to see if it sickens you, but if you want that further confirmation that being sick will give you the confirmation you need. 

Gluten is in wheat and wheat is in most processed foods here in the United States. Corn and wheat are America's favorite fillers and according to FDA gluten in the USA is still considered safe and doesn't need to be labled like in many other countries. It is labeled because of the damage gluten can cause. Eventually it will be addressed here and the sooner the better.

Meanwhile millions of  people living in the USA are suffering from belly aching to autoimmune diseases from Gluten. Mental anguish and physical aspects all from the doctors lack of knowledge in the United States and the giant food companys staying one step ahead of eveyone. But people are learning and becoming more aware and eventually the gluten bubble will pop and all the facts that people need to listen to on the 6 oclock news. Experts say 70 percent of people show antibodys for gluten so that's most people and they are sure gluten is not healthy for anyone to eat. 

Usa cuts most of its processed foods and sauces with gluten. You dont have to be Latin American to suspect gluten is affecting your health but it appears more likely then not that Latin American people are greatly affected by gluten and may not want to adopt this part of the American culture. It is part of the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET. (S.A.D.)

March 9, 2013

Gluten is a protein in wheat and wheat is one of the united states top crops . Wheat and the gluten have been around for thousands of years. Settlers saw animals feeding on wheat and thought why don't we eat this abundant food and so it began. Gluten and wheat have always been around so why so many gluten intolerance cases and celiac disease popping up like a plague. Well its been around but has not always been part of the human diet at least not in the abundance we see today.

Wheat being the USA biggest cheapest crop means that wheat is the choice filler for processed foods. Production of wheat crops exploded in the USA about 30 years ago and we are now feeling and seeing its effects on the human body. For a lot of people its wrecking havoc on our bodies by penetrating the protective barrier in the lower intestines causing autoimmune diseases through the bodies organs. It is especially true in the liver and kidneys. It is also known to create inflammation throughout the entire body as the results of the gluten protein getting re circulated as it permeates the walls of the lower intestines.

Gluten is in many cosmetics like lipstick and lip moisturizers and its even in children's play-do. Be aware if your child get a rash when exposed to play-do it could be from the Gluten. Why is Gluten in play-do? It is what allows the play-do to stretch in the same manner for baking. Its allows things to stretch without cracking or breaking. So the quest to avoid gluten continues with an education what gluten is and how to avoid Americas number one filler. Avoiding processed, refined and or manufactured food would be the biggest stand and best protection to avoid Gluten and its ill effects. Keep in mind gluten is organic. You are not protected against gluten if it says organic.  In many cases gluten is being replaced with rice flower for baking its gluten free but it is processed.

Click here: WHAT IS GLUTEN

January 24, 2013


Latest seminar from the leading experts who actually test and study the effects of gluten on people. The damage can be very severe, starting as a gluten sensitivity and finally ceilac disease The doctors say 70% of the people they tested for gluten sensitivity showed antibodies being produced from the gluten, seeing it as a foreign body and trying to attack it and dispose of it. Its a huge tax on the body,but symptoms can range on a scale from 1-100, the fact is 70 percent , that's most people are ill affected by gluten! With that said i would recommend an elimination diet for 2 weeks just to see if and how much better you may feel mentally and physically by removing gluten in your daily diet.  

People who eat gluten all there life have no idea that they are being affected by gluten until they remove it from there diet all of a sudden they are shocked at how well they feel! motivational,clear mind,no bloating,lots of energy,and all those aches and pains start to go away. Then they are fully aware of the life they been robbed of, and a list of mysterious health issues. Here is the damage gluten can cause to a body. For the people who cant tolerate gluten, as it works its way through the stomach and intestines it wears away the lining. In the lower intestine is where the doctors can see the full extent of the damage gluten has caused. After time the gluten can completely wear away the protective lining of the lower intestine.  

The lining is designed for the body to keep toxins from reentering your system, but allows good nutrients in. The lower intestine is where the body absorbs its nutrients. The large intestine and stomach prepare the food for the lower intestine to feed your body. Actually we have seven layers of protection before that lining is removed and the lower intestine has been permeated to allow toxins to leach back into the body along with vital nutrients. 

The body is not designed to deal with this. The toxins that were suppose to pass through in our stools safely have made a new course to wreck haveck on your organs, especially your liver. The liver is your defense against toxins that enter your body and will take the blunt of the damage, but not limited to the liver at all. It can inflame all your organs and inflammation is the beginning of all diseases   and things spiral  down over time.

I recently learned that gluten also wears away the brains protective blood brain barrier! how crazy is that! That could have a lot to do with all the brain fog like reports people get when ingesting gluten,foggy,slow,not clear,clumsy,moody. all associated with the effect of gluten. So when the blood brain barrier has been permeated, then gluten gets in and toxins that were not meant to break that blood brain barrier. causing inflammation,blocking nutrients from getting in ,and not allowing the brain to remove the toxins due to the inflammation that cuts off the proper blood flow. So that's how gluten can affect your body and your mind! removing gluten for most people will be a real life changer!! there's reasons those gluten free labels are popping up everywhere. 

I have heard endless story's of these life changing event,just by eliminating gluten from there diets. From barely surviving to thriving,it can be completely life changing for a lot of people. check out fail safe diets. and also there is a gluten free milk free diet, most people who have issues with gluten also have issues with diary,so be sure to leave both of them out of the elimination diet,you can introduce milk after 2-3 weeks and see if it has an ill effect on you, ill effects can take up to 3 days to occur.

For further information regarding gluten please click here

January 6, 2013

Food and Depression

Here is a great PDF (Adobe Acrobat is needed to view it) article i came across about food and depression


RPAH Failsafe elimination diet, most innovative and advanced testing available

Many test out there that are very unreliable. The body doesn't lie and for sure this is the most advanced testing out there. There is even a support group online free of charge called failsafe.  If your interested in doing the elimination diet then please join the group. You can just read there stories and follow there progress. But even better you can ask a question and the people with the experience will happily answer. Its a wonderful life changing sight and constantly updating new info as it comes. It has an archive to look back on older posts. These people really get it and help so many people like myself. This is important data and can change your life or at the least help you make better choices and improvements.  

Thanks failsafe and the people with food issues that find this sight!  If you have or suspected you have food intolerance's then you will get little to no help from your doctors, especially if you live in the USA. This failsafe group are experienced people. Most doctors will not be able to help, you will need to learn this yourself, for you and your family and having failsafe is there 24 hours a day this is a blessing for all. Good luck to everyone and have a healthy happy new years,and make the right choices and changes and watch the good things come and just keep coming. 

You don't have to live feeling sick all your life just because your doctors have no clue how to identify a food intolerance and the damage caused by the intolerance's over time can be the early death of you.

Click here for more information

Holidays and food tolerances

While the holidays is a time for giving food is on the top of the list. Its very important because its something a group can all share its delicious taste and makes for great conversation. For those with food intolerance's and that's at least 70% (so most people have food intolerance's unfortunately less then 5 percent of them have a clue to there extent of food intolerance's)  

The holidays is the perfect time to make people aware, even if you still indulge because the snacks are on the table and people are chatting and snacking away.  Put up small signs in the kitchen that say gluten free home and that will be an invite to your guest to ask about this gluten free home and what it means to you and your families health and overall well being. let them ask and talk about your experiences and how much better everyone feels since the gluten free house started. It will set the scene for the next holiday to come. Hey even one bite can ruin my day and im tired of appeasing people and making myself sick so that i don't have to explain to everyone. It is a big surprise will be that you will get people talking and sharing there own experiences.Your not alone. And have some gluten free snacks around for guest to try.

 Gluten is not good for anyone. Now more then ever people are aware and are becoming aware. I mean hello people!! Watch the commercials for gluten free pet food!  These people really get it. Gluten slows animals down the same it does to people making them lazy and foggy. So put up the signs and make people aware you will get a lot of chuckles and people laughing at you, people always laugh when they are clueless to something especially closed minded people who already know everything. Now its my turn to laugh. 

Setting the stage for next years holidays will be wonderful and by the time next year comes you will  be sure that your guests will be hearing a lot more about gluten free products and best they hear it from you first. Guarantee somebody will be getting back to you on this. The biggest red flag in most cases are 2 things one is bloating and gas, the other is getting very tired after ingesting Gluten. Take a look around the room,who usually naps after the meals, those are your prime suspects,and who else is holding there bloated stomach running to the rest rooms. 

Gluten is very harmful to your health and to the mood of the crowd. Make it a happy friendly environment not a gas farm with people sleeping on the best times of the year. Happy holidays to all. I haven't done it yet but i am very tempted to put a sign on my front door that says Gluten free home! Have some fun with it and get the awareness going and people will come to respect you for this.

Dr. Rosemary Waring

Great article about sulfate deficiency
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