January 24, 2013


Latest seminar from the leading experts who actually test and study the effects of gluten on people. The damage can be very severe, starting as a gluten sensitivity and finally ceilac disease The doctors say 70% of the people they tested for gluten sensitivity showed antibodies being produced from the gluten, seeing it as a foreign body and trying to attack it and dispose of it. Its a huge tax on the body,but symptoms can range on a scale from 1-100, the fact is 70 percent , that's most people are ill affected by gluten! With that said i would recommend an elimination diet for 2 weeks just to see if and how much better you may feel mentally and physically by removing gluten in your daily diet.  

People who eat gluten all there life have no idea that they are being affected by gluten until they remove it from there diet all of a sudden they are shocked at how well they feel! motivational,clear mind,no bloating,lots of energy,and all those aches and pains start to go away. Then they are fully aware of the life they been robbed of, and a list of mysterious health issues. Here is the damage gluten can cause to a body. For the people who cant tolerate gluten, as it works its way through the stomach and intestines it wears away the lining. In the lower intestine is where the doctors can see the full extent of the damage gluten has caused. After time the gluten can completely wear away the protective lining of the lower intestine.  

The lining is designed for the body to keep toxins from reentering your system, but allows good nutrients in. The lower intestine is where the body absorbs its nutrients. The large intestine and stomach prepare the food for the lower intestine to feed your body. Actually we have seven layers of protection before that lining is removed and the lower intestine has been permeated to allow toxins to leach back into the body along with vital nutrients. 

The body is not designed to deal with this. The toxins that were suppose to pass through in our stools safely have made a new course to wreck haveck on your organs, especially your liver. The liver is your defense against toxins that enter your body and will take the blunt of the damage, but not limited to the liver at all. It can inflame all your organs and inflammation is the beginning of all diseases   and things spiral  down over time.

I recently learned that gluten also wears away the brains protective blood brain barrier! how crazy is that! That could have a lot to do with all the brain fog like reports people get when ingesting gluten,foggy,slow,not clear,clumsy,moody. all associated with the effect of gluten. So when the blood brain barrier has been permeated, then gluten gets in and toxins that were not meant to break that blood brain barrier. causing inflammation,blocking nutrients from getting in ,and not allowing the brain to remove the toxins due to the inflammation that cuts off the proper blood flow. So that's how gluten can affect your body and your mind! removing gluten for most people will be a real life changer!! there's reasons those gluten free labels are popping up everywhere. 

I have heard endless story's of these life changing event,just by eliminating gluten from there diets. From barely surviving to thriving,it can be completely life changing for a lot of people. check out fail safe diets. and also there is a gluten free milk free diet, most people who have issues with gluten also have issues with diary,so be sure to leave both of them out of the elimination diet,you can introduce milk after 2-3 weeks and see if it has an ill effect on you, ill effects can take up to 3 days to occur.

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January 6, 2013

Food and Depression

Here is a great PDF (Adobe Acrobat is needed to view it) article i came across about food and depression


RPAH Failsafe elimination diet, most innovative and advanced testing available

Many test out there that are very unreliable. The body doesn't lie and for sure this is the most advanced testing out there. There is even a support group online free of charge called failsafe.  If your interested in doing the elimination diet then please join the group. You can just read there stories and follow there progress. But even better you can ask a question and the people with the experience will happily answer. Its a wonderful life changing sight and constantly updating new info as it comes. It has an archive to look back on older posts. These people really get it and help so many people like myself. This is important data and can change your life or at the least help you make better choices and improvements.  

Thanks failsafe and the people with food issues that find this sight!  If you have or suspected you have food intolerance's then you will get little to no help from your doctors, especially if you live in the USA. This failsafe group are experienced people. Most doctors will not be able to help, you will need to learn this yourself, for you and your family and having failsafe is there 24 hours a day this is a blessing for all. Good luck to everyone and have a healthy happy new years,and make the right choices and changes and watch the good things come and just keep coming. 

You don't have to live feeling sick all your life just because your doctors have no clue how to identify a food intolerance and the damage caused by the intolerance's over time can be the early death of you.

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Holidays and food tolerances

While the holidays is a time for giving food is on the top of the list. Its very important because its something a group can all share its delicious taste and makes for great conversation. For those with food intolerance's and that's at least 70% (so most people have food intolerance's unfortunately less then 5 percent of them have a clue to there extent of food intolerance's)  

The holidays is the perfect time to make people aware, even if you still indulge because the snacks are on the table and people are chatting and snacking away.  Put up small signs in the kitchen that say gluten free home and that will be an invite to your guest to ask about this gluten free home and what it means to you and your families health and overall well being. let them ask and talk about your experiences and how much better everyone feels since the gluten free house started. It will set the scene for the next holiday to come. Hey even one bite can ruin my day and im tired of appeasing people and making myself sick so that i don't have to explain to everyone. It is a big surprise will be that you will get people talking and sharing there own experiences.Your not alone. And have some gluten free snacks around for guest to try.

 Gluten is not good for anyone. Now more then ever people are aware and are becoming aware. I mean hello people!! Watch the commercials for gluten free pet food!  These people really get it. Gluten slows animals down the same it does to people making them lazy and foggy. So put up the signs and make people aware you will get a lot of chuckles and people laughing at you, people always laugh when they are clueless to something especially closed minded people who already know everything. Now its my turn to laugh. 

Setting the stage for next years holidays will be wonderful and by the time next year comes you will  be sure that your guests will be hearing a lot more about gluten free products and best they hear it from you first. Guarantee somebody will be getting back to you on this. The biggest red flag in most cases are 2 things one is bloating and gas, the other is getting very tired after ingesting Gluten. Take a look around the room,who usually naps after the meals, those are your prime suspects,and who else is holding there bloated stomach running to the rest rooms. 

Gluten is very harmful to your health and to the mood of the crowd. Make it a happy friendly environment not a gas farm with people sleeping on the best times of the year. Happy holidays to all. I haven't done it yet but i am very tempted to put a sign on my front door that says Gluten free home! Have some fun with it and get the awareness going and people will come to respect you for this.

Dr. Rosemary Waring

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