March 13, 2013

Super Gluten foods

Here is a site I came across and wanted to share with my reader that outlines food with the highest Gluten content.

Foods superhigh in Guten

I have not met a Latin American who is not gluten intolerant. Most are beyond just gluten sensitive they have celiac disease or other signs of damage from improper gluten breakdown. Mood alteration and belly bloating are the usual signs. Ingest gluten and your belly will bloat and it fills with gas and inflammation with the usual feeling of slowing down and or feeling lethargic. 

How does one test?  Well it's easy enough. Do an elimination diet for 2 weeks. Learn what gluten is so one knows how to avoid it. Leave it out of your diet for 2 weeks then after the 2 weeks eat gluten for 2 days or stop as soon as there is a noticeable discomfort from reintroducing the gluten.  Before the 2 weeks is up you will probably already know if there is a huge change in how you feel mentally and physically. You will probably not have to continue the challenge where you ingest the gluten to see if it sickens you, but if you want that further confirmation that being sick will give you the confirmation you need. 

Gluten is in wheat and wheat is in most processed foods here in the United States. Corn and wheat are America's favorite fillers and according to FDA gluten in the USA is still considered safe and doesn't need to be labled like in many other countries. It is labeled because of the damage gluten can cause. Eventually it will be addressed here and the sooner the better.

Meanwhile millions of  people living in the USA are suffering from belly aching to autoimmune diseases from Gluten. Mental anguish and physical aspects all from the doctors lack of knowledge in the United States and the giant food companys staying one step ahead of eveyone. But people are learning and becoming more aware and eventually the gluten bubble will pop and all the facts that people need to listen to on the 6 oclock news. Experts say 70 percent of people show antibodys for gluten so that's most people and they are sure gluten is not healthy for anyone to eat. 

Usa cuts most of its processed foods and sauces with gluten. You dont have to be Latin American to suspect gluten is affecting your health but it appears more likely then not that Latin American people are greatly affected by gluten and may not want to adopt this part of the American culture. It is part of the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET. (S.A.D.)

March 9, 2013

Gluten is a protein in wheat and wheat is one of the united states top crops . Wheat and the gluten have been around for thousands of years. Settlers saw animals feeding on wheat and thought why don't we eat this abundant food and so it began. Gluten and wheat have always been around so why so many gluten intolerance cases and celiac disease popping up like a plague. Well its been around but has not always been part of the human diet at least not in the abundance we see today.

Wheat being the USA biggest cheapest crop means that wheat is the choice filler for processed foods. Production of wheat crops exploded in the USA about 30 years ago and we are now feeling and seeing its effects on the human body. For a lot of people its wrecking havoc on our bodies by penetrating the protective barrier in the lower intestines causing autoimmune diseases through the bodies organs. It is especially true in the liver and kidneys. It is also known to create inflammation throughout the entire body as the results of the gluten protein getting re circulated as it permeates the walls of the lower intestines.

Gluten is in many cosmetics like lipstick and lip moisturizers and its even in children's play-do. Be aware if your child get a rash when exposed to play-do it could be from the Gluten. Why is Gluten in play-do? It is what allows the play-do to stretch in the same manner for baking. Its allows things to stretch without cracking or breaking. So the quest to avoid gluten continues with an education what gluten is and how to avoid Americas number one filler. Avoiding processed, refined and or manufactured food would be the biggest stand and best protection to avoid Gluten and its ill effects. Keep in mind gluten is organic. You are not protected against gluten if it says organic.  In many cases gluten is being replaced with rice flower for baking its gluten free but it is processed.

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