September 18, 2013


For those that do not know what FSANZ is it is the Food Standards Australia New Zealand and their site is located here

HELP F.S.A.N.Z.!! Save the Americans from eating themselves sick. Forget the drug cartels, at least what there serving up we all know isn't good for you. But food is a necessity for life and the food cartels are seeing to it that we are addicted to there chemicals. These food cartels know the system run by the F.D.A. is flawed and designed to allow the American people to be sick with chronic illnesses, dying of an early death and suffering to there last day without even a clue to the fact that food they thought was good for them is actually hurting them mentally and physically. This is causing themselves and the people around them much grief and unnecessary sufferings.

IF WE HAD F.S.A.N.Z. OPERATING IN THE USA,THEN WE WOULD BE A GREAT THRIVING HEALTHY PLACE,AND HEALTHCARE WOULDNT EVEN BE AN ISSUE. People would be aware, and get well or not get sick at all. We are rated number 53 in terms of where we stand in health of the world, don't say much for a leading world power.

We need to take a closer look at Australia and New Zealand and be a healthy world power, otherwise all that money will just keep making the drug companies richer and the people sicker. Food cartels in the U.S.A are worse then the tobacco companies, cigarettes are a bad choice everyone knows, but food is a necessity of life, shame on you guys for all the people unknowingly suffering, but you guys know all about it .just because you have gotten away with it doesn't mean you wont pay in the long run. Just like the tobacco companies your days are counting down as the people get wiser.

My Letter to the Australian Government of food standards.

I am a certified holistic nutritionist living in Miami Florida. I totally get about all the food intolerances, I live with most near all of them. so many people in the United States are suffering mentally and physically unknowingly to the fact that it is from the foods they eat daily. I share all I can with people.

But in the United Stated the doctors are not aware or educated about food intolerances, and so many are just miss diagnoses, millions for sure. But the Australian people and New Zealanders totally get it. Lucky you guys, while the rest of us eat ourselves to death, and suffer to our last dyeing day with out a clue as to why! at the least its very sad. SAD like our standard American diet.

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Food Intolerance Network

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September 2, 2013


So living in the USA with food intolerance's can be a very lonely experience. Unfortunately in the USA in med school they don't teach about food intolerance or what signs to look for or how to treat them. In other country's like Australia who are and have been very familiar with the ill effects eating can have on your body, if it cant tolerate something. Well that's all about to change! in 2013 the Miller school of medicine excepted the functional medicine program at the Miami university, Miller school of medicine. Lucky me i had the honor and privilege to be part of the one year program. Yes i realized it was so hard to find a Doctor (I never did) to help me with all my intolerance's. I realized if i ever would find a Doctor  that these specialist would come from the functional med program. So i took the big step to learn it all for myself,and its been nothing short of enlighten and very exciting to take it all in.

I learned with 200 doctors alongside me who have taken it upon themselves to further educate themselves and open there minds to new ideas that surely will help there patients as a result of the new awareness and understanding what they obtained from these programs. The program is just exploding with Medical Doctors and specialist eager to learn how to recognize the red flags that they been missing all along. Especially the chronic ill patients that never really seems to get better can suddenly be fixed by altering the diet! No drugs!

Using food to fix and cure the situation. The results are fast and the chronic ill patients are no longer sick or unknowingly suffering because of a simple food intolerance that there doctors never could recognize. For the most part the program is all about the food! I also just got certified as a holistic nutritionist and it was just the best complement to the functional medicine program. I wasn't the only one who went for the nutrition course.

Many of the doctors in the program quickly realized that a nutrition education on food was necessary to complete the package, and have a complete, full understanding that food can have excellent benefits if you can process them but if you cant that food becomes poison to your body and can have severe neurological and physical affects to the body. Long term exposure can cause permanent damage.

So i praise these doctors who have decided to open there minds and color the grey area that has been completely overlooked. Too many people in this country are suffering unknowingly with food intolerance's. 90% or better of these people will die just that way of an early death and suffer to the last day. Its very sad. But 3 cheers for the functional medical doctors and 3 more cheers for the university of Miami Miller school of medicine.