October 13, 2013

Why its important to catch celiac disease ASAP

You want to catch celiac as soon as possible because you may slowly but surely loose all your favorite foods, turning them into food intolerance's. It happens like this. When you have celiac your lining in the small intestines have been compromised.Not only are they not able to properly absorb nutrients do to the damage of the little villi that line the small intestines that's job is to pull nutrients in. But more damaging then creating deficiencies is allowing the protective barrier broken and allowing some small amounts of undigested foods to leach into your system in this way which should not occur. But when it does the body will see the undigested food as a foreign matter and create antibody's to attack it.

So now the food intolerance comes the next time you eat that food the body remembers registering that food as a foreign matter and creates antibody's to attack it again.and forever that food can stay intolerant to your body's ability to use it in any way,only to tax the body to try to deal with the foreign matter. And this can continue with other foods, and the larger the serving the more likely some of your favorites foods that you heavily indulge in will get permeated through the small intestine this way. And what hell and damage is does to your liver each time this happens.In many cases eventually causing auto immune disease of the liver.