December 9, 2013

Leaky gut not celiac

Being diagnosed with leaky gut and not celiac which is very similar as far as the damage of the breached or permeated intestines. What is interesting is the treatment for the most part is the same. I did show on my test that i had a gluten intolerance,so it must be avoided. My test on foods did show i am intolerant to potatoes, corn, oatmeal, eggs, quinoa & rice. I cant eat most nearly all fruits but pears which are low in the salicylates. Salicylatesare are the natural plant toxins produced by fruits to protect themselves from bacteria.

So any and all of these intolerance's are enough to cause damaging inflammation of the intestines that eventually wears away the protective layer of the intestines allowing the breach of undigested foods to find there way back into your system causing the body to produce antibody's. This over production of antibody's for extended periods of time will cause further damage to your organs, especially the liver which would be receiving the blunt of the damage. The liver job of course is to deal with toxins and foreign matter that finds its way into our systems.Interestingly enough it wasn't processed foods that caused my leaky gut (because i rarely eat processed foods). The damage came from pure whole foods.

Foods that are not processed, but i unknowingly was intolerant to many pure whole foods that my body couldn't process properly and thus several autoimmune diseases later here i am. And the damage to my organs and intestines is severe. Enough to send me to the emergency room with liver and kidney failure 8 times over the past 3 years. But just one month without these foods and i know i wont ever be going back to that emergency room for the same reason.

It has taken a lifetime to finally get this important diagnoses. Life is about to get a whole lot better. It took 2 functional medical doctors to get the same results. Doctors who only take the necessary courses and nothing beyond or after medical school would and could not know the signs to look for, So if you think you may have leaky gut or celiac you will need to find an alternative, holistic or functional medicine doctor. Also one experienced with leaky gut and celiac. there are these kind of doctor who don't know about leaky gut and celiac. So call and ask ahead of time so you dont waste your time with another doctor inexperienced with the problems you are having and get shrugged away or brush aside from the ill affects and discomforts you are experiencing from leaky gut or celiac.