January 20, 2014

Food destroyed my life and food will rebuild it

I always ate well since a child. I was never a junkfood eater. But since i can remember being a child i always had stomach issues, crazy mood swings, hyperactivity, constipation & bloating. So it took half my life at the age of 40 to find out that many of the foods that i thought were good for me were actually making me very ill.

Foods that were processed and foods that were pure whole foods. So lets start with the processed foods. The obvious one that many of us are discovering now. Gluten!!! probably makes more people sick then any other food source out there. Freaking Gluten! Americas number one food additive and food cut. Somebodys got to answer some day to all the misery Gluten has been and still is causing people. The FDA needs to step it up, because gluten free products don't mean gluten free! 

The FDA considers under 20 parts per millionth to be Gluten free . In Australia and New Zealand it must be under 3 parts per millionth. We are nearly 7 times higher! 7 times!! And those countrys would be even lower then that but that's the smallest part per millionth that they can measure. We in the USA have the same ability of course but we still choose to lower the bar almost 7 times lower!..So the only real way to avoid it would be to eat pure whole foods. 

I was diagnoses with gluten intolerance. So i left that out of my diet & felt a lot better, but still not well enough to be pain and issue free. Then i find out that i cant tolerate salicyaltes, which fruits contain lots of that was the end of eating fruit and eventually my hyperactivity went away. Who would have figured pure whole fresh fruit could make somebody sick. Then there was the amines! what the hell are amines? Doctors don't know what they are. Not in the USA!! Amines are just expired proteins for the most part. Anything dried, aged, turn brown, overcooked or rotting. ex, cheese, wine, aged meats. I removed that & eliminated a lot of the crazy mood swings. Then there was the food colorings, they gave me mood swings as well. suicidal! there are not fruit drinks that don't have food colorings in them. Then i felt even better. but not well enough yet.

So then i find out about my severe reaction to preservatives. So there went my sushi. All sushi is frozen and treated with chemicals so the fish don't brown or turn color & helps preserve the meat as well. then there was the severe reaction to sulfur as well. Sulfur is in high amounts in garlic, onions, scallions, so away with all that! life staring to suck at this point! with all these cants, how can you enjoy a meal. Well bottom line is i don't want to continue feeling this sick and getting these brain fogs and mood swings and discomforts from foods i cant process. 

I don't eat for enjoyment i eat to survive and i'm still learning of more! This battle is not over but i just keep getting better and better feeling less and less sick, with the hopes to one day have all this in control and be able to manage it and control it instead of it controlling me and robbing me of a quality life

Well back to the drawing board. lots of work and trial and error and constant checking and testing more foods to eat..Maybe one day there will be a magic bullet, but until then its all the work and understanding and some madness along the way.

January 13, 2014


Lets get rite into it. Bottom line all diseases have one similar issue. INFLAMMATION !!!! So where am i going with this is exactly... where the researchers & the real healers are going. To the root cause of the problems. Fix the inflammation in any case and you will allow the body to heal itself & fix itself. After the disease is gone you check the inflammatory markers to keep the disease in check.

The inflammation is from something or things you are ingesting that has accumulated and or too much at once for your body to deal with. Causing a backup, a traffic jam of toxins that the body cant eliminate or deal with at the level or point. So now little things will become bigger things as this accumulative affect and inflammation take hold of your immune system. Basically 3 main factors to consider.

#1 One would be bacterias and viruses
#2 Would be toxins ,ex,mercury , gluten,toxic food additives
#3 Would be genetics.

Of course theres gonna be deficiencies to correct and supplements to take but i would first target eliminating the cause factors. It could take months and in most cases years to really one hundred percent correct the problem, each cause being individually different. But making progress with them all without adding drugs and masking the symptoms,and add more toxins to the bodies already over loaded system. Be your own doctor and don't look for a magic bullet. Just listen to your body, and don't make excuses for the uncomfort your body feels. If you do look for a doctors help, which is normal be sure its a functional medicine doctor . they will surely help you and not hurt you. drugs and surgery will be there last resort. But if they are educated this way, and you are open minded, then work together and get well ASAP.