November 11, 2014

Leaky Gut

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Coffe enema to detox the liver

This is a re-post of an article i found online. Very interesting information.
Caffeine Dialysis Process - Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema - Step by Step

The entire process is laid out step by step beginning with making the caffeine concentrate for dilution into therapy doses. Make 2 quarts of coffee dialysis concentrate to yield ten treatments for an adult, twenty juvenile doses.

This procedure was discovered by a nurse in a World War One German army field hospital. With no painkillers available, this nurse administered an enema to several badly wounded soldiers with the only warm liquid available, a coffee pot.

The results were astounding. Almost immediate relief from deep pain, relief that persisted for hours. This far exceeded any previous experience with orthodox pain killers and was immediately available for pfennigs.

Max Gerson, M.D., was a Medical Officer in the German army. He began losing patients in his otherwise wildly successful attack on cancer. He deduced that it was the avalanche of toxic material gushing out of tumors and hiding places all over the body jamming up the liver that was killing his patients. He remembered the coffee enema. He stopped losing patients. Today, the Gerson Institute in California carries on the late Max Gerson´s work. Website:

The perfection of the caffeine dialysis enema came with research into its mechanism.

The alkaloid, caffeine, dilates the bile ducts throughout the liver.

All the clogged channels filled with toxins that force incoming toxins to continue to re-circulate causing pain, are instead, emptied rapidly.

The newly arrived toxins, especially those molecules that trigger pain response, then make it right through to the outer world non-stop.

The fat-reducing digestive bile fluid generated in the liver that is crucial to the detox process is discharged out of the body on its first use rather than being taken back in from the colon and re-used up to 9 times as is normal. Toxic material is prevented from recirculating. This is the bottom line to detoxification- where all forms of detox efforts ultimately fail to avoid the Herxheimer Effect- the traffic jam blues (can be fatal).

You control your discomfort by the frequency of these caffeine concentrated osmotic dialysis enemas. This is the only process of its kind that is not self-limiting by its own toxicity.

Combined with any herbal detox protocol to reach individual cells, unlimited detox rates are enabled. You just keep on dumping. If it´s cancer, the disintegrating tumor material comes right on through without jamming the liver. No detox program should be undertaken absent the coffee enema, even if it is just once per day.
Gerson reports that unlike ordinary enemas used for other purposes, only the coffee enema can be repeated as often as needed without adverse side effects. The chemical transfer occurs as an osmotic process through the wall of the hemorrhoid vein. This vein runs alongside the colon (large bowel). It connects directly into the liver. The caffeine chemical enters without going through the digestive tract. You cannot achieve this result by drinking coffee. Putting caffeine into the digestive process is counter productive to the detox process.
The Merck Manual carried this procedure as an instruction until 1977. It was pulled without explanation or advance notice.

Healers that apply the Gerson Therapy use the caffeine dialysis non-invasive process to instantly remove all pain killer medications from incoming terminal cancer patients. No morphine, no opium derivatives, all of which are immune system suppressors. The pain relief is immediate and persistant. Terminal patients get the coffee enema every three or four hours while they disgorge pounds of awful stuff on their way to complete cures.

Equipment and Material:

enamel ware (vitreous enamel) 2 quart or more stock pot with lid. Or a Corning glass pot. Do not use a stainless steel pot. Nickel atoms will go into solution from the acid of the coffee. Nickel is the catalyst to the enzyme needed by E.coli to reproduce. It is a toxic heavy metal.

two 1-gallon, or four 1/2 gallon glass bottles. Milk bottles work well after thorough washing.


a plastic funnel to fit the glass bottles.

roasted brown beans coffee: electric appliance coffee or grain grinder($10-$20 price range.)

un-roasted green beans (preferred)coffee: do NOT use the foregoing coffee mill. Instead, use a grain mill as used for producing bread flour. The rock hard green beans (actually, they are flower seeds, not "beans") cannot be broken by the fragile high speed blade of the small coffee mill.

Water distiller (Sears Kenmore model 3444 one gallon capacity produces 4-5 gallons per day).

Two or three gallons of distilled water. Store in the glass bottles. Do NOT use plastic bottles. The coffee acids will trigger plasticizer chemical outgassing into the water.

One pound of organic coffee beans. Commercial coffee is loaded with herbicides and insecticides— organochlorines and organophosphates.
Concentrate Procedure

Grind one pound of coffee beans into regular grind sized particles, somewhat coarse particles big enough to be easily trapped in the cheesecloth filter you will make in the funnel.

Dump the coffee into the stock pot.

Add 2 quarts of distilled water.

Drop a foot/inch ruler into the liquid to measure its height. This measure will be used to restore the boiled off water lost in the concentrate boil.

Apply heat to bring this mixture to a roiling boil for 3 minutes.

Reduce heat to collapse the boil to a simmer for 15 minutes.

Let cool for 60 minutes. Add distilled water to bring the level up to original 2 quarts level.

Fill the funnel spout with cheesecloth thus making the funnel into a filter.

Move the two quarts of concentrate into the bottle(s) through the cheesecloth/strainer/funnel filter to trap coffee particulates.

Refrigerate this concentrate. It will retain strength for a week if the bottle is tightly capped. One way to cap a milk bottle which has lost its paper plug, is to stretch a sandwhich bag over the opening with a rubber band to secure it.
Dialysis Enema Solution

2 cups = 32 ounces = 2 pints of concentrate into a one gallon or two half-gallon bottle(s)

Add distilled water to fill the bottle(s).
Each of the eight pints that make a gallon is one treatment, unless you can accept two pints.

The Enema Procedure

Lie on your right side.

Knees drawn up to chest as far as possible.

Enema bag should be about 2 feet above your level.

Insert lubricated nozzle not more than 4 inches.

Release at room temperature.

Breath deeply to draw fluid in as far up into the large bowel (colon) as possible.

Set kitchen timer for 10 minutes.

Hold the fluid for as much of the 10 minutes as you can.
Beginning sessions will fall short of complete success. Each session will be more effective than the last, until the process becomes routine and complete retention is no longer a problem. The Gerson Therapy calls for a 15 minute process.

The caffeine triggers natural peristalsis (recurring contraction/ relaxation) of the colon which urges emptying. You will be battling a natural inclination to empty out. One early welcome result will be the tearing loose from the colon wall of patches of accumulated sticky tar. This is from gummy commercial white bread and other fiber free baked grains and starches- donuts and cakes. These yucky, sticky tars, harbor parasites. Removal of the patches will expose whatever has been hiding under them to the therapeutic effects of the herbs and extracts of the parasite detox program paramount in the Clark Therapy which are fundamental to any detox program, especially with small children, and households with dogs or cats.

Put on disposable rubber gloves available at any drug store; or cheaper but effective throwaway food handler clear plastic gloves.

Soak and wash the entire enema device in fragrance-free laundry detergent water and borax; a tablespoon of powder to a gallon.

Then a good rinse with very hot tap water.

Then soak the nozzle 5 minutes in a small pot with supermarket grade commercial 3% peroxide.

November 6, 2014

Gallbladder removal! Not!! Take out the garbage..Don't remove the garbage pale!

Over 600 thousand gallbladder removals last year. An increase of about 75 thousand a year over the last 6 years. More then 99 percent of those gallbladder removals what not necessary at all. Sad to say the least. And shame on you Doctors to make a quick buck . My gallbladder was full of stones and polyps,which polyps are expected when you have a gallbladder that's stuffed to capacity. The doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder .Told me it was necessary to otherwise i may end up with disease or cancer. So i done my research, and had some assistance by Dr. Cindy Gale.

I had options! much better options! matter of fact removal of my gallbladder was not an option anymore, it was a bad choice to say the least. So i went back to Dr who called himself a specialist when it came to gallbladders . I wont mention his name, but i can tell you he lost the bet. I told him about a special diet for 5 days that would allow the body to remove the stones by themselves without drugs or surgery . He laughed so hard he nearly fell over. Told me it was the craziest thing he ever heard,i started to second guess myself. I mean his specialty is gallbladders. So laughed out of his office with my tail between my legs i went home done my research and consult with Dr Cindy Gale. she has saved hundreds of people from the butchers , the surgeons eager to cut to make a buck. And i also spoke with many people who had there gallbladders removed. they all shared common ground. Most of them , these being the people who are more in sync with there body's . they all agreed that they never felt rite from the day after the surgery, and things dint get better they got worse. You see they never got to the root cause of the excessive stone problem. Also take note that the gallbladder is the garbage pale for the body, to store chemicals and pollutants that the body cant process.

The gallbladder was built just for this. unfortunately the toxic environment is growing faster then the body has time to evolve and grow larger gallbladders. Hence the stuffed gallbladders that are worked beyond there capacity. So if you remove the garbage pale rather then just taking out the garbage, then where will your body store the pollutants that are toxic for the body when you removed the organ designed for the job. Well bad news for you people. The next organ in line is your kidneys. And whats happening is the same toxic stones are being stored not in the safe place called the gallbladder. No they are now being formed in the kidneys, an organ not designed for this job. But that's all the Dr left for your body to work with, and in a desperate situation the body does the next best thing, it forms these stones in the kidneys,in an organ that wasn't designed for this task, and further more blocking the kidneys, clogging them up with toxic stones blocking the kidney from doing the job it was suppose to do. Wrecking havoc on your body, poisoning you as these toxins accumulate destroying your body and overall well being . And then your doctor will offer you laser treatment about 10 years later. Oh boy the hell this unleashes on your body and your mind,(toxic thinking) lots of negativity, mood swings and depression, just to mention a few. Shooting lasers into your kidneys cant be a good thing! lol sorry! and breaking down the toxic stones so they can recirculate around the body and make it to other organs causing more damage. But not actually leaving the body. So i did the 5 day special diet,hell y wife also did it,she thought how cool to clean out i lifetime of toxins in just 5 days seemed like a no-brainer.

Don't do this without consulting a physician like Dr. Cindy Gale or other physicians fully familiar with the process. this diet has to be followed to the T. First of all No PROCESSED FOODS for the 5 days leading up to the cleanse. For the 5 days you must drink one gallon of apple juice a day, again no processed foods,if you don't know what processed foods are dont even think about doing the cleanse without consulting a physician or a nutritionist about what is processed foods. also no red meat the last 3 days before the cleanse. and each day closer to the cleanse the diet will be refined more each day. More fruits and vegetables,and less meats each day. 2 days before the cleanse leave out all meats, fish and egg whites are OK in small amounts. 1 day before the cleanse leave out the egg whites and fish as well. only fruits and vegetables and the apple juice,a gallon a day. on the 5th and final day of the diet you will prepare for the cleanse. That night before going to bed you drink 4-6 ounces of extra virgin olive oil, mixed with half squeezed lemon, and half teaspoon of Epsom salts. ( the epsom salt is optional) but it will help remove more. i have a problem with sulfates so i do without it and still get amazing results.

So before bed you push this down and lay on your rite side and go to sleep. the rest is up to your body now to perform this little miracle. I mean if you like a clean house you will love a clean body. So your body will wake you up when its time to remove the stones. It actually will empty your gallbladder while your sleeping, so all that's left to do it poop them out.Yes you will defecate them out into the toilet. You will feel crappy for half a day,and all you should do that first half of the day is go from your couch or bed to the toilet. You will go many times, more the better. only drink water for this first half of the day,no food,anyhow you wont be hungry until all the stones have been passed, You feel crappy because of all the toxins passing through your intestines,some get reabsorbed hence the crappy feeling,but it will pass. At first movement of the day you will see large green balls or blobs. Its referred to as liver sludge, yes you are also cleaning your liver and removing a huge burden from your liver freeing it up to operate more efficiently. then you will begin to see the green turning to yellow,its the next layer of toxins that are in line to being stored in the gallbladder. Then eventually you will see tiny black stones the size of pees, these are the gallbladder stones, and you can expect to see hundreds of them! they will float because of the film that was formed around the stones from all the apple juice, making them very slippery and easy to pas through the tiny openings and out your butt hole. they may float but rest assure they are hard as stones. Some people out of curiosity or whatnot scoop them out with a strainer and try to break the stones in there hands. U cant break them,maybe with a hammer.

I had to see for myself. i repeated the process 4 weeks later then went for a MRI of my gallbladder and what do you think the doctors saw? To there disbelief my gallbladder was completely empty. I brought the results to the so called gallbladder specialist and he nearly feel out of his chair. he thought that maybe somebody was playing a joke on him. I explained the process to him and immediately he began calling his fellow doctors,and the doctors that taught him most of what he knows. He was enlightened to say the least, And somewhat embarrassed by it all, but i wasn't rubbing it in. It was a great feeling on my behalf, and if i have my way the dr will learn this treatment and stop butchering his patients. Depending on each individual and how well they follow the diet will depend on how many times you need do the cleanse, I have heard up to 4 times for some people , for me it was just 2 times. You wont believe how great you feel the next morning when you wake up, and you will notice many health benefits over the next few weeks as your gallbladder and liver are freed up to operate as they should with a fresh new start. Take out the garbage. Don't remove the garbage pale, your body will be a very messy place if you cut out your gallbladder. Oh and note that the polyps i had were already shrinking just 2 months later when they were scanned again. i took away what they were feeding on,toxins. i never felt better, i could see better, smell things and food like i never had. renewed energy and an overall never remember feeling so good.

Flush out the Gallbladder
Live Gallbladder Flush

November 2, 2014

Leaky gut! To much to lose...

Are you becoming intolerant to foods you used to eat that didn't bother you before. Are you becoming more and more intolerant to chemicals, strong smells, perfumes, colognes air fresheners and more. Wondering why they never used to bother you to suddenly making you sick to your stomach, headaches to mood changes just being exposed to these things, breathing them in or ingesting them. Then you find new foods to love and then suddenly the new foods don't love you anymore,they also begin to make you sick. Should you stop eating or eat less? lol of course not! That would be a bad choice. First thing is to get to the root cause of your intolerances. To understand what is happening so we can make good choices and eventually correct the situation and go from getting worse to getting better. All this is done through awareness and understanding. 

So for starters i have leaky gut. So do so many people ,but most nearly all of them are clueless to whats going on and will never get better or ever know why they losing all there favorite foods. and why there immune system is failing them,setting off a whole bounce of chain reaction on the body mentally and physically. You may want to even ask how bad is leaky gut? Its the stepping stones to cancer and diseases and all kinds of autoimmune diseases,not to even get into the mental aspects that destroys good healthy thinking,making the glass always half empty and living a negative life style.  well half the battle is knowing whats wrong with you. And the biggest hurdle here will be you taking responsibility for your health, or finding a functional medicine Dr. homeopathic Dr. to get you the proper diagnoses. 

The main problem is that the Dr. you are seeing doesn't have the education to properly diagnose you nor begin what signs to look for or test to run.  Why aren't they educated you wonder? that's because you cant fix leaky gut with drugs or surgery. So know you can count your regular Dr out. You fix leaky gut with a special diet,regular Drs aren't educated about the good and bad affects food can have on the body,and I'm not talking about fat or calories. Im talking about today gmo foods and processed foods,and even pure whole foods that can be one persons food but another persons poison. Everybody is different. but functional med Dr. know what test to run,to get the most data to make the best choices on which foods to pull from your diet and which foods to add. So back to leaky gut and how it affects the body and mind,robbing you of there quality of life and make you suffer to your last dyeing day,all the time clueless to why your body and immune system are under constant attack. leaky gut is a breach in the intestinal mucosa. The lining of the intestine made of of many layers of protection to keep things from being reabsorbed into the body via through the walls of your intestines wrecking havoc on your liver and immune system. So from your diet, environmental toxins,ex(smoke,caffeine,drugs) and lifestyle,ex(exercise,hobbies,sleep habits) and also genes. 

So something in this list of things have gone wrong for and probably more of these things in your life is tearing away at the protective layer of your intestines and stomach. Something that you do on a weekly basic and maybe probably somethings that you do on a daily basic is slowly destroying your body. These irritants to the body shred away at you eventually causing holes . Once these holes form they open the window to allow undigested foods and chemicals to breach through these openings and travel back into your system destroying your liver. How you ask?  Sure ill tell you. When undigested foods make there way back into your system this way the body sees it as a foreign matter and labels it as bad and creates antibodies to attack it,just like the body should should do to protect itself. But heres where the problem comes from. Once the body labels a food as a foreign matter, it will send antibodies to attack it every time after that you ingest that food source attacking it, but here comes the double edge sword!.. the same antibodies that attack the foreign matter also attack the tissue and cells in your body. 

Now this is acceptable to happen for a few days or even few weeks. But not for months, and certainly not for years without causing severe damage to tissue and cells, damage that includes severe inflammation,cutting off oxygen and nutrients to those areas most affected from the damaging inflammation. causing a die off of tissues and cells and deficiencies to can lead to cancer and disease. Is that serious enough,not to mention the mental fatigue and brain fog caused by a war in your body that you are losing . How do you know your losing,well when your not getting better,and your still having mysterious health issues and skin rashes, eczema, irritability and the negativity from the body being overworked,and the immune system breaking down.  

It will take a lifestyle change to fix the problem, obviously the life style,diet or environment factors and toxins are not agreeing with you. It will also mean getting a new Dr. ,a functional med Dr. or homeopathic dr. because obviously your Dr. not a clue,because you wouldn't be hearing this from me ,you would have already gotten the properly diagnoses and on your way to healing and fixing yourself. Yes a few changes are a must to reverse the damage and be on your way to a healthier happier life. So open your mind and make the changes ,believe me its worth it without a doubt. I was suffering and miserable and irritable and so  much more that i thought was normal, i was just making excuses for all my illnesses,excuses that never made sense. When you begin to feel better everything will make sense. Also its mostly about the food,so be sure to consult a nutritionist or dietitian, nobody knows more about food. But the functional med Dr have education with foods unlike the regular Dr. you visit who is clueless to all this,and may even laugh at you, go get your respect and understanding,and take control of your body and be all you can be.

5 Steps to heal leaky gut