February 16, 2015

God helps those who help themselves.

Cute story. So this guy got stuck in a storm out on the water in his small boat 20 miles off shore traveling to Bimini from Miami. He encountered a storm from out of no where. This little boat got tossed around so hard in the storm that it lost all power and was at the mercy of the 10 foot seas. He began to pray and ask God for help.

Please God help me I don't want to drown or be eaten by the sharks. He continued to pray for his life as the sharks circle the boat waiting for there next meal. Just as he was continuing his prayers a small vessel came by and offered some help. They couldn't get close enough because of the rough sees and decided to throw a rope and a life preserver. They shouted "Jump in the water and we will pull you to the safety of our boats". Not happy about going into the water the man refused and continued to pray. Finally the small resuce boat crew gave up. There was nothing more they could do for the man.

2 hours later a helicopter flew over and sent down a line and over a loud speaker you heard someone yell "Climb into the basket and we will pull you in. Not happy about climbing into a swinging basket the man refused and continued to prey to spare his life.

An hour later another giant vessel was in the area and came to assist the man who's boat was now beginning to sink. They sent a small boat to come close to his and they told him "Leave the boat and swim to there vessel. He replied "What about my boat it's kept me alive and I don't want to let go of it". For an hour they tried then the storm got even worse and they had to leave the man fight for himself.

A giant wave came and capsized the boat and down the man went to the bottom of the sea. As he floated up to heaven to meet God at the pearly gates when he saw God and was welcomed to heaven. The man said "God why did you let me down? Why did you let me die? How could you let that happen to me"?' God replied. Son I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter and you refused.You are here because of the poor choices you made, Ignoring any and all help.

The morel or the story is God helps those who help themselves

February 7, 2015

The Power Of The Drop

“In my opinion, based upon the evidence, every single chronic insidious disease process is related to one word—TOXICITY. You cannot address the issues of aging unless you address detoxification.” - Rashid O. Buttar, D.O.

Toxicology involves Finding & Eliminating Toxic substances stored in the body which are disrupting normal body functions via an innovative procedure called FCT or Field Control Therapy.

Toxins are destroying your health! Toxins are any compound or material that has an undesirable effect on the human body. Being toxic is an unavoidable consequence of living in the sea of synthetic chemicals that is our modern world. For decades, scientists have been studying the effects of pollutants in our air, water and soil. Now, they are studying the effects of these same pollutants in the human body and the findings are very troubling.

In a comprehensive study, the EWG (Environmental Work Group) discovered that the average person does not need to spend years being exposed to environmental pollutants to be affected. In fact, they found that toxicity begins in the womb. The study found an average of 200 industrial chemicals in umbilical cord blood of newborns. The blood has been found to contain pesticides, wastes from burning of coal, gasoline and garbage.

The study revealed that as we age, the levels of these contaminants continues to persist. These results reveal a frightening truth….We are bombarded with toxins from before we are born and throughout our existence.

Where Do Toxins Come From? Toxins originate from various sources-industry, manufacturing, burning, waste product processing and the like. MOST TOXINS are synthetic, man-made compounds that are found in our homes, our drinking water, our air and in our soil. Toxicology textbooks list the first symptoms of chronic toxic poisoning as low energy, fatigue, muscle weakness, inability to concentrate and intestinal complaints. A healthy body is an efficient eliminator of toxins. We are aware of our daily elimination of feces and urine, two vital forms of elimination provided by our colon and kidneys, but there are other important forms of elimination. We have to breathe frequently and eliminate toxic carbon dioxide from our lungs. Our liver filters our blood supply of toxins. Our lymph system moves toxins and excess fluids from the body, as do our sweat glands. Our skin is also an elimination system. Any restriction or malfunctioning of those systems of elimination can cause toxins to accumulate and illness or disease may result.We can tolerate a certain level of toxins in our body. For each person this tolerance level will be different depending on your exposure levels, your lifestyle, diet, drug intake, general habits, medical treatments, surrounding environment, and the strength and clear functioning of your faculties of elimination and the general strength of your immune system.

Symptoms of Toxic Overload
Thyroid Symptoms
Joint pain
Frequent colds
Peripheral Neuropathy
Sudden anger
Chronic infections
Sensitivity to perfumes/odors

Because so many of these symptoms could stem from a multitude of other causes, Toxicity is not often suspected.

The result of minimizing your intake of pollutants and reducing the body’s toxic load can result in lower risk of dozens of diseases, increased energy levels, elimination of various symptoms and/or conditions, and an overall greater sense of health and wellness.

“Most of the disease of aging-vascular, most cancers, arthritis, auto-immune disease and others-have been shown to be associated with toxic metals and persistent organic pollutants. Vascular diseases, stroke, heart attack, plus most of the cancers and macular degeneration, have been directly linked to lead. And that’s just lead.” Robert Nash, MD

SO………………………….HOW TOXIC ARE YOU ?

Our diets and our health from the womb to the grave are now shaped by three sectors of the economy: the processed food corporations, the medical/pharmaceutical giants, and the chemical industry. Together these economic interests have fostered a belief system – a belief that most of us have naively embraced – promoting synthetics as benign and superior to naturally occurring foods and medicines. Blinded by the ambition and the spirit of progress and commerce, we have unwittingly created an unstoppable force.

Did you know that there are over 100,000 chemicals in use today? Most of them have not been tested for toxicity in humans, either alone or in combination with other chemicals.

What’s even more disturbing is that in order to test all existing chemicals for synergistic effects on human health, it would take nearly 200 million different experiments which, with current technology, would take up to 1,000 years to complete. Safety is a myth. We are all toxic!

What is FCT?

FCT is known as Field Control Therapy. It also goes by the name of “Digital Medicine”. It was developed by a medical cardiologist by the name of Dr. Savely Yurkovsky. Dr. Lee S. Barbach, DC, is only one of approximately 50 practitioners in North America trained in this dynamic, safe and effective procedure. It is not a “One-Size-Fits-All” approach.
FCT is an innovative and cutting-edge system that uses both Diagnostic (testing) and Therapeutic (treatment) procedures to effectively and safely treat patients with a wide variety of health challenges. The approach is non-invasive, painless and very precise at uncovering & treating the deeper underlying CAUSES to one’s health issues.

FCT is a patient oriented; science-based system of determining and prioritizing which key tissues/organs have been affected by toxic elements (ie: heavy metals; chemicals; drug & vaccination residues; bacteria; virus; parasitic and/or fungal infiltrations and more). The testing outcomes then directs Dr. Barbach to treat the deeply hidden toxins with targeted homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body’s own immune system for removal. It is the premier system of finding and eliminating toxicity (& doing so with precision and safety). It is patient specific and customized to each individual’s specific unique needs.

1.) Diagnosis (testing) portion of FCT:

FCT (Field Control Therapy) empowers Dr. Barbach with the use of a novel bio-resonance testing algorithm aimed at the precise identification of the “Key” toxins that are blocking key energetic cellular domains (and at multiple levels) in “Key” tissues/organs. These blockages are what then results in a distressed state within the tissue/organ and a subsequent loss of health to the patient. Using a form of accurate reflex testing (NOT muscle testing, which is too unreliable), Dr. Barbach monitors a sequence of reflexes exhibited by the body in response to numerous stressor elements. Use of the FCT algorithm allows him to focus exclusively on the key pernicious (toxic) factors that disrupt the normal balancing (homeostatic) systems of the body and, of key importance, provides guidance as to how to critically analyze and prioritize the findings. The information obtained reveals, in precise terms, what the primary underlying factor(s) are CAUSING one’s health challenges. Finding the precise strength of the remedy; the exact order of when to give each remedy and the precise timing to use in spacing out each remedy is also revealed with the testing.

2.)Therapeutic (treatment) portion of FCT:

Involves a unique application of homeopathic remedies which are given in a very precise order with precise timing. These remedies are directed at the removal of the “Key” pernicious agents in the “Key” targeted tissues/organs which are the critical sabotagers of a patient’s distressed health state. This will automatically start the process of restoring homeostasis back within the body and allow the return of health.

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Laetrile Apricot Pits B17

What does it mean to become a functional medicine practitioner

Let's define what conventional medicine is first. General practitioners  treat the symptoms or target a specific organ or location of the body's anatomy. Let's jump back and fourth here. So what does a functional medicine practitioner treat? Functional med practitioners look diligently for the underlying root cause of the problem  hardly interested in the side affects of the disease or ailment. Functional medicine doctors are medical detectives they work closely with the patient and spend the time they need to listen and do a prior history review to hone in on when problem began. They trace the steps backwards until it leads them to the root cause of the problem and then try to eliminate it.

General practitioners just look at the symptoms and then give drugs to mask them. Never getting to the cause of the problem and never eliminating it altogether, Basically they just accommodating it. 

They enable the underlying root cause of the problem to remain there, and they just accommodate it by giving you drugs and blockers so you don't feel it's affects but the damage is still being done! Eventually the drugs won't work anymore and you will need to add additional new drugs to help mask the symptoms.

Wouldn't it seem to make a whole lot more sense to remove what's causing the problem rather then accommodating it. The general practitioners are doing more harm then good. They have been led to believe that they been taught what's referred  to as the standard in medicine. Meaning the best and only rite way to treat patients. In fact what they thought was the best way to practice to help people without hurting them is not so at all. They are hurting and drugging people without even fixing chronic issues. 

Meanwhile there is a way to actually fix these problem and do it without drugs or surgery and not hurting the patients along the way. It may be hard to make the transition for most doctors they mostly have big egos and don't want to believe that there could be a better way to treat patients. 

They would have to take a few steps backwards before they could move forward. They will have to retrain the mind and there methods of diagnosing patients. They will have to forgive themselves for the unnecessary  hurt and pain they caused many people and there family's. Once they learn the new way of practicing medicine they will quickly embrace it and all the wonderful aspects that come with the new power to be able to cure and fix rather then treat and treat. 

There offices will go from gloomy to a much happier place, A place where people expect to get cured and when they do its a happy office and all will feel great about the new way of practicing medicine and helping people without hurting them. The future of medicine is here , and the results speak for themselves. People are getting cured and things make sense as they unravel the medical mystery's.

All the best
Michael Macaulso