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  1. Hi Michael,

    I just started following your blog I am Michael M.'s cousin. Thought you might find this link interesting, hope the link comes through.

  2. I stopped eating nightshade vegetables and my asthma improved big time. It seems once I stopped eating potatoes and tomatoes my asthma got better and now eating eggs don't bother my asthma.
    I use to think I had a sulfur/salicylate intolerance but I don't think so anymore. All along it was the nightshade vegetables I was eating almost everyday. I still stay away from high sulfite and msg food because I know these things will make my asthma worse for sure. . This is just my personal experience. Hope this helps you Michael. Take are and be well!!!

    nightshade vegetables are Potatos, Tomatos , Eggplant, Pepper (Except black and white pepper), Garden Huckleberry ,Ground Cherries and Tobacco.


  3. Ok, I wrote a post about how my asthma improved after I stop eating nightshade vegetables, but now I've been drinking milk and eating eggs and other food and my asthma is not doing too good. so maybe I do have a sulfur intolerance problem or Candida or a sluggish liver.. I don't know.
    The reason I think I have Candida is because I get a white coating on the back of my tongue after eating starchy food.may be the Candida overwhelmed my liver with toxins and now I have a sluggish liver and now I have food intolerance which triggers my asthma. also may be the Candida is interfering with magnesium and other mineral absorption. one time I was given magnesium sulfate iv at the hospital
    and my asthma went away for like a month. I seem to do ok when I eat bulgar and organic chicken.
    I will try to stick to these foods for now and stay away from nightshade vegetables milk , eggs, and processed foods

  4. What do you eat on an average day?